Checking In

We know it has been awhile since anything new has been posted on TerraEarth.  Earlier this year, boxxleman and eFlare started their own video game company, Uphill Studio LLC.  Since July of last year, they have been working on their first game, Sokoban Online.  This hasn’t stopped their ambitions to continue working on TerraEarth.  They still have plans to expand and improve TerraEarth into a full-out Super Nintendo Enix RPG website one day.  However, at this time, their full attention has been on the development of Sokoban Online.  Please be patient with us, and don’t worry…we’re still here!

As an incentive to sign up and play Sokoban Online, any members who sign up via TerraEarth will receive a free playable character of their choice.  Just sign up to the game and send us an e-mail via the Sokoban Online website with your username.