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PostFreedan Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:50 am   Post subject: Freedan's TE: DnD journals Reply with quote

Reply with quote
As we played along with the DnD game, I was keeping journals of my time from the beginning. Jason is rather keen on me posting them on the boards, so who am I to disappoint?

I'll split them up over a few posts, since some of them near the end can get pretty long. Might help cut down on the 'wall of text-ness'. Meh/Worried

First entry:

I thought I'd hit up the quest house first. If I'm going to have any luck retrieving these data disks, I'll need to equip myself first. But I can't do that without some money. I'm hoping some troubled souls will be willing to show some 'appreciation' for some problem solving.

Turns out there's a data disk nearby. The mayor of South Cape has one! But what he's asking for is no small task.... something about pirates. Not just pirates, some clan or other that they're allied with, too. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm probably not ready for them yet. If any of the others think they can handle the pirates, they're welcome to it. We're all working for the greater good, after all; as long as one of us gets that data disk, that's what matters.

Entry #2:

In the hopes for picking up some extra cash and/or some other kind of reward, I decided to take on a quest. Some young child lost their money, and wants someone to find it. Nurdof decided to come with me to help look. Personally, I think Chicken could have used some help with the piranhas, or EverPhoenix searching for the weapon shipment, but they're big boys.

Besides, once we found the kid, it turned out there were two possible places he could have left the money. At least we'll finish searching faster. I wasn't exactly impressed to hear that he "might" have left it at the school, but decided to head there anyway. It can't be that big a place, can it? Nurdof will check the docks. One of us is sure to find it.

I'm just hoping the kid doesn't suddenly realize "hey, it was in my pocket the whole time!". I may just lose it.

Entry #3:

I arrived at the school in search of the kid's gem purse. An initial search turned up nothing, and I thought I had been sent on a wild goose chase. Before I left though, I decided to check the roof.... I used to play up there a lot as a child. It's a popular place for kids to hang around.

While I was up there, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. A quick check confirmed that it was the kid's purse. I was always under the impression that the universe hated me, so it was kind of surprising that things worked out right for me. I think I'll just... not argue, though.

So, it's time to pay a visit to the kid again. Here's hoping he or his family see fit to reward a good deed. Maybe that's a bit selfish, but we're sort of on an 'every advantage needed' kind of quest.

Entry #4:

I returned the kid's money to him, and it made his whole day. As a thank you, he gave me a potion he had been holding on to. Not a huge reward, but I suppose it'll help in a pinch. At the very least, it could save me from burning a healing spell when it's needed.

A bigger reward came from the kid's father.... he gave Nurdof and I an elixir. Not a bad prize.... those things are pricey, and heal you up really nice.

I suppose I should head back to the quest house.... maybe one of the others has finished their job by now. Or at the very least, there'll be something else to keep me busy.

Entry #5: Everyone met up at the quest house, having completed our respective tasks. We're looking in to taking on those pirates now; we need to get that data disk the mayor has.

But something else has come up.... there's some kind of hostage situation going on. As much as we need to go for that disk, we can't just leave a hostage alone. I suggested splitting up. At least one person can rescue the hostage, while the others take on the pirates.

I volunteered to go for the pirates.... I have a little knowledge of healing magic, which can help if things get rough. But my main reason for going is that I'm the most charismatic of our group. 18 charisma has to be good for something; I'm hoping I can keep most of the pirates distracted while my teammates either sneak past, or eliminate the guards. Right now, I'm the only one heading for the pirates. I'm gonna need some backup.

Entry #6:

I'm preparing to set out on the quest for this data disk we're looking for. Before I do though, I decided to make a change... I've given up the life of a freelance adventurer, and took some spy training instead. By learning how to focus properly, I can channel my natural charisma advantage in to an even bigger advantage, and learn to become more persuasive than ever. This should prove very useful, both in negotiating with allies and intimidating enemies.

Nurdof has the physical strength, EverPhoenix has the magical strength, and Chicken has the range.... but what we DIDN'T have until now is someone to do the talking; a diplomat. Being the most charismatic of us all, it seemed like a natural move for me. And as another bonus, I may be able to negotiate better rewards out of people for us.

Entry #7:

EverPhoenix and I decided to go looking for these pirates and their Chimera Clan allies. I was hoping Nurdof would come with us, but he seemed more keen on hanging around town for a while.

When the two of us got to the Seaside Cave where the pirates should have been, we found... nothing. The place was completely empty. While we were discussing our next course of action, we were interrupted by a sinister-looking man who identified himself as Chimera (original). He claimed that his clan had removed all evidence of any wrongdoing (they were wise to the Mayor trying to stop them), but he had decided to hang around to see if we were worth fighting.

So he drew his weapons and charged at us. In fact, we're in the middle of fighting him right now. Like, literally, NOW, as I write this. How am I logging my experiences in my journal as I'm trading attacks with someone intent on killing me? Hell if I know.

Entry #8:

Victory is ours! Chimera was no match for both of us (though he did scratch me up pretty good). He surrendered, and EP and I decided to just let him run off.

After the fight, I felt some strange sensation. It was the same feeling I had after finding Dark Ride's money earlier; I suddenly felt more 'experienced'.... as though I had reached a new 'level' of competence. I guess the only way to describe it is feeling like I've 'leveled up' overall.

Anyway, as I previously said, the Chimera Clan is long gone, having hidden any evidence against them. So they all got away, including their leader. But they shouldn't bother the town any more, and they no doubt know that they can't roll with us.... so maybe the mayor will be willing to part with that data disk we need.

As for me, I think I'll head back to the quest house. And the shopping center, too. I feel like I'm ready to take on some new equipment. And for the love of Gods, where the hell is Nurdof?!

Entry #9:

With the Chimera Clan now gone, we returned to the quest house. EverPhoenix and I snagged a little monetary reward, but I'm more interested in the data disk we acquired. These things are supposed to be important. And to make a good day better, Chicken was able to rescue the hostage! I wish I could have seen it.

Anyway, we've pretty much done all we can around South Cape, so the time has come to decide on a new destination. Chicken and EverPhoenix plan to head to Moderator Castle. Me, I plan to cross the continent and head to North Cape. We may have some more luck searching for these data disks if we split up. I'm sure I can hold my own in battle now.

As for this data disk, I left it with the other two. With the two of them together, they should be able to protect it better than I could solo.

And finally, a little sad news. Our dwarven companion, Nurdof, has decided to retire early. It seems he's decided to give up the adventurer lifestyle, and settle in to more of a normal job. We could use his help with this, but you've gotta do what makes you happy. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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PostFreedan Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:58 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

Reply with quote
Entry #10:

I finally made it to North Cape. It's snowy up here!

Almost immediately after stepping in to town, I was approached by some guy peddling travel pamphlets or something. Looks like this town has a pretty active travel industry. You can take ships to a few different destinations, or if you're particularly loaded, can even purchase your own vessel. That would make traveling a snap, and open up a lot of exploration potential.

They're not cheap though.... I could buy a boat, ship or even an airship, but I would burn most of my savings in the process. I'll have to think about it. In the meantime, I've decided to head to the quest house first. Let's see what this town has to offer.

Entry #11:

Not much to report this time. There were only two quests available at the quest house, so I took on the one that seemed a bit simpler. Some Geomancer needs some frost berries from Wintergreen for something or other.

The fare to Wintergreen is 75 gems, and the reward is only 100, so I don't expect to make much money out of this. What I'm more interested in is the promise of knowledge. They've promised to teach their skills to the one that helps them. If they teach me, maybe I can teach others later on if they're interested.

Entry #12:

I made it to Wintergreen... finally. Turns out the captain wasn't sure where it was or something. Honestly, it wasn't that far away....

It didn't take long to find the frost berries I needed. I took as many as I figured the Geomancer would need, and took some extra for later. I don't know, maybe someone will want them. If a Geomancer wants them, they must be useful for something.

As long as I'm here, I figured I'd explore a bit. If a ship comes way out here, I thought there must be something worth seeing. Turns out, there is. Santa!

Seems Santa has set up his workshop here in Wintergreen. There are elves and everything! I thought I'd pay St. Nick a visit. He's always happy (or so I understand about him), so why not take the chance to meet Santa?

Entry #13:

I stopped by at Santa's workshop, and it was just like I imagined as a child. Elves working everywhere, Santa calling the shots from behind the scenes.

I thought I'd ask Santa for any information he could provide that might be helpful, but it turned out I wasn't the only one who wanted to see him.... the line was about an hour long! I'm not proud of myself for it, but I put my newfound persuasiveness to the test, and convinced the elf in charge to move me to the front of the line by faking an injury (cutting off a handicapped guy in the process).

Once I did get to speak to Santa, I made a little small talk, but was more interested in information. But he didn't seem too keen on talking about the past.... he gave me some kind of disk that he said might help, and sent me on my way. On the way out, I offered a potion to the handicapped guy I cut in front of as a peace offering. It's not much, but it seemed only right to apologize.

I decided to hit up the shopping district next, and things took a turn for the interesting. The elf who runs one of the kiosks took notice of my extra stock of frost berries, and offered to show me the ins and outs of something called 'item synthesis'. I don't know how it works, or what I can make, but I'm about to find out. I knew there was more to these berries than meets the eye.

Entry #14:

The elf gave me a quick rundown of how item synthesis works. I won't go in to exact detail here, but apparently, there's two kinds of items to use that work together to provide certain effects. He offered me one of his items.... some kind of gel.... and showed me how to fuse it with one of the frost berries I was carrying to create a new item. I now have something I can use to protect myself in battle with. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I've been here for a while, met Santa, and learned some pretty interesting things, but it's about time I get back. After all, my reason for coming here at all was the Geomancer's quest. Don't want someone else picking off my reward now, do I?

Entry #15:

I made it back to North Cape, and delivered the frost berries to the Geomancer. Turns out she only needed a few, so I'm left with a few extras. Now that I know a bit about item synthesis, that's not a bad thing by any stretch.

As a reward, she offered me four dark gels (the same as the elf used earlier) to compensate me for the financial loss I took on ship fare. But the more interesting reward was knowledge of her trade; apparently, she's quite a skilled alchemist. If I focused my efforts enough, I'm sure I could learn some new skills, like I did when I began spy training. Maybe some day. And I can teach the others when I meet up with them later.

For now, I think I'll see if there's anything left for me at the quest house.

Entry #16:

The only other quest available at the quest house was to take on some kind of water demons who are threatening the city's paling. I'm not exactly looking forward to this one (I don't much like going underwater), but the reward is sure to be worth it.... there's a data disk on the line.

I found some guy waiting by the water who offered me a map of the underwater tunnels. The entry point branches off in a few directions, but it looks like they all lead to the same place, so at least I shouldn't get lost.

Apparently, the demon leader's name is 'Leviathan'. Why can't things like this ever have non-threatening names? Leviathan the demon is threatening.... Binky the demon doesn't seem so bad.

Anyway, I decided to take the left-most path. It looks like there aren't any traps set up that way. I'm a bit more likely to run in to something living, but there's a fair bit of treasure that way too. May be worth the risk. I'm glad I have a fair stock of healing supplies.

Entry #17:

Unbelievable. I've trekked through the entire tunnel, and contrary to my expectations, didn't so much as see a spider on the walls. This place is ghost-town central. Though I did stumble across a few items.... a couple of potions (the high-end stuff, too), and even an ether.

I'm kind of curious, though.... how did that stuff even get down here? This place doesn't seem like much of a tourist attraction, so who else is coming down here? I wonder if I'm not the first one to take on this quest....

Anyway, according to the map, Leviathan should be nearby; probably in the next cavern. I'm feeling pretty fit right now, magic is at full capacity.... but I thought I'd put this item synthesis to use, and prepared a couple of guard solutions from those dark gels and frost berries I collected earlier. That elf said something about them raising defense in battle. I may very well need them.

Here's hoping I survive to make the next entry in this journal.

Entry #18:

Wow. That battle seemed to take forever. It turns out that I was mistaken about what I would be facing. When I heard 'water demons', I assumed they meant Leviathan himself.... that he had gone rogue, or something. But that wasn't it.

The demons were actually a smaller group of Grindelows. Annoying, but not a huge threat if you stay on the offensive. And in a bizarrely positive twist, Leviathan was even able to help me. While I took a few swings at the horde of demons, he thrashed around and crushed them against the cavern walls. Made my job a lot easier.

Leviathan isn't such a bad water deity after all. A bit condescending, perhaps. He didn't seem to think I did much to help.... he may have finished them off, but it's not like I did nothing. But he seemed grateful all the same, and made sure the paling couldn't be damaged any more. So the town is safe.

Shortly after securing the paling, a bunch of guys I've never seen before came storming in. They gave me the data disk as a reward, securing it in a steel case. One of them, who identified himself as the 'senior operative of the company', told me I was needed over at Itory Village. He wouldn't explain what 'the company' is, but maybe I'll find out later.

I met up with everyone there, including Kaleflame. We got to talking about the data disks... it seems there's more to these things than we thought. These things are capable of protecting or destroying palings, which are some kind of crystals that protect the area they're in. If the wrong people get them, they can destroy those palings with some nasty Dark spell (affectionately referred to as "Death Toll").

It seems there are other groups besides us looking for these disks. We've been advised to split up and search these people out, and try to ally with them. Before that, though, there's one last disk to find around here, in the Incan Ruins. Castaroth, the guardian of the ruins, has it.

I have my doubts about this, though. When I spoke to Santa Claus earlier, he warned me about getting involved in this. But if we don't, what about that Death Toll spell? What do we do here? Kaleflame is convinced that we need those data disks, so for now, that's what we're doing. Santa's warning will be bugging me the whole time, though. I'm sure of it.

Entry #19:

The party split up, and took separate paths through the Incan Ruins. I didn't meet much resistance along the way.... an old warrior that was left here to defend the place from interlopers (that's us). My spy training has served me well again, allowing me to strike first, and hard. He didn't stand a chance.

I managed to snag a couple of items along the way.... a potion, a guard solution.... standard adventuring fare. Even money. This is just like the underwater caverns.... who left this stuff here? The Incans? Did they even use our currency? And it's all in pristine condition! Not only that, but I've never seen a 'guard solution' before in my life. But now that I've learned how to make them, they're just lying around any old place. This kind of stuff keeps me up at night!

Anyway, we all fought through our respective routes, and met up with Kaleflame at the end of the road. Castaroth should be in the next room. Before we go in, Kaleflame encouraged us to prepare ourselves.... readying items and skills, and such. He says it won't be an easy fight... I'm willing to bet he's right.

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PostFreedan Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:14 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

Reply with quote
Entry #20:

Thankfully, I'm still alive to make this entry. My companions and I were victorious in our battle with Castaroth. But victory came at a price. Kaleflame was rendered unconscious.... or possibly dead. Whatever the case, we weren't able to wake him.

My partners fought well. And not to sound immodest, but so did I. In fact, the tide of battle turned after I inflicted a serious wound to the beast's throat. He fell soon after.

And then everything went to hell. Try to keep up with what I'm about to say. A man appeared, who identified himself as "Arashi". He 'thanked' us for eliminating Castaroth, who was apparently some kind of guardian for the world. The ruins started to quake, and next thing we know, we're no longer alone; a few other individuals, also seeking the data disks, appeared. A couple of them seemed to be working with Arashi, but the others weren't pleased to see him.

Still with me? Then, the son of a bitch steals our data disks! And the ones that the other people had collected. He used them to activate some kind of computer terminal, and everything went dark. I'm not quite sure what happened there.

Next thing I know, my companions and I are stuck in a cage with the people Arashi stole the disks from. I'm not exactly sure where we are, but it's definitely not our world.

Arashi started talking about it; he called it the 'Fallen Wing', which is part of something called the Lexos Link. These Links are made up of Wings, like this one, which I guess are other worlds. Sort of like many worlds making up many universes.

This place is in pretty bad shape. Everything is dead and barren. Arashi intends to take control of this world and restore order. And can you believe this? He wants our help! What the hell...?

In order to access Fallen's Core, he needs something called "lithographs". 4 of them, to be precise. Once he has them, he plans to rebuild this ruined world, with himself as the God. Now, the time has come to make a decision. Do we side with Arashi and help him find these Lithographs, or do we contact this 'eFlare' person? (One of the other adventurers, Jason, identified eFlare as the Administrator of this world.) I'll see what my partners think.

Entry #21:

Everphoenix and Chicken decided to venture off on their own, looking for information. It would be nice to have their help... I've never fought alongside such good men. But it's their choice, so I wish them the best. Myself, the young woman, Raini, and the 'treasure hunter' , Jason, decided to pay a visit to eFlare.

He gave us a long, convoluted speech, but the gist of it seemed to be that this catastrophe seemed to be caused by something that we, as a society, have forgotten. At least, I think that's what he was getting at. He talked a lot. But he's convinced that something made us forget this stuff, because there's no benefit to us making ourselves forget. Confusing.

He suggested that we get control of these lithographs before Arashi does. They're guarded by the four Elemental Lords in remote locations, so they won't be easy to find. Not only will getting these lithographs deprive Arashi of the power he seeks, but eFlare believes that these Lords aren't affected by the amnesia that we are. So, they should be able to tell us what's happening, and why.

Jason seemed a bit apprehensive about having to possibly take on a Lord in combat. I must admit, that's not an appealing prospect. These Lords guard world-controlling artifacts, they're not going to be pushovers if things do turn hostile. I'm a little more hopeful, though, that diplomacy will save the day. My spy training taught me how to use the power of charisma to persuade others (like I did back in Evergreen with that elf worker); I'm hoping that I may be able to reason with these Lords. We'll see what happens.

And is it me, or does this Raini woman have a short temper?

Entry #22:

Jason, Raini and I made the trip out to the Nazca Desert. Man, is it hot.... I kind of miss the frozen North Cape.

Jason had some book with him detailing this place. Apparently, these lines and stones spread throughout this desert represent constellations in the sky, with the stones representing stars. A pretty amazing feat that is, putting these together.

After a bit of a hike, we found the constellation we were looking for, Cygnus. Jason's book told us we could find the entrance to the Sky Garden at 'the place where the calamity occurred'. While we were trying to puzzle out where that was, Jason stumbled across it when he sat down on a stone. The Gods of luck are on our side.

We stepped in to the entrance and found ourselves in a verdant garden. It's a beautiful place. If we didn't have a mission to complete, I wouldn't mind walking around and taking this place in.

Shortly after arriving, we saw a woman in the sky looking down on us. At least, I think it was a woman. It was difficult to tell; she appeared to be made of wind and cloud and air. Literally, air given physical form rather than flesh. Is that even possible?

Kaleflame called her 'Tiamat', the Elemental Lord of wind. She was smiling at us, so at least she seems friendly. But we can't talk to her, on account of the huge gap between us and where she's standing. We looked to Jason's book again for answers (where did he get this thing, anyway?), and it said we need four crystal orbs to cross that gap. I'm not sure how we use them, but one problem at a time.

There are four paths out of this room, and four crystal orbs; not hard to see how this works. If I know my dungeon/fortress tropes, this place is booby trapped, and full of things that crave our tasty, tasty flesh.

I volunteered to take the red path, where the sound of monsters was the loudest. I'm prepared to fight, and could use the training to keep me sharp. Raini seemed a bit worried. I don't know if it was concern for me, or at the prospect of her making the trip down a path alone; probably the latter. I offered to let her come with me; I may have a need for some support if I get in to a scrap. It'll take us a bit longer to get the orbs, but we'll complete our mission.

Entry # 23:

Raini and I prepared to take the red path, but were interrupted by a familiar (and unpleasant) face. Chimera! How in the world did he get up here?!

He says he knew about this place for years, and teleported here to meet us; but how? And to make things worse, he stole one of the orbs we're after. He threw a few attacks at us, but they weren't much danger. I think he was really just buying himself an opportunity to get around me and down the red path, towards the next orb.

Raini and I followed after him, and were met with a little resistance. A blue cyber (a kind of robotic sentry) flanked by two nitropedes (large, segmented bugs that explode when near death). I took a bit of a beating and a booming, but Raini was there with some healing magic. I'm glad she's with me; I'm sure she'll be a lot of help.

After defeating the creatures, we both leveled up, so I took the opportunity to hone my skills a bit. Shortly after, we were met by a small fairy (a servant of Tiamat). Apparently, Tiamat wants to meet with us. But before we do, she wants us to get rid of Chimera. Figures.

I've fought Chimera before. He was no pushover the first time, and this time, things are worse. He has, no doubt, become stronger since we last fought, but more to the point, he now commands a dragon. A dragon! A 'sky guardian', as the fairy called it.

All is not lost, though. The fairy has told us that if we knock the dragon around a bit, it may regain its awareness, and Chimera's hold on it will be gone. If we can pull that off, it may help us instead. The fairy has offered us use of their various shops, to allow us to prepare for what's coming up.

This is a perfect opportunity. You see, Chimera isn't the only one with a plan up his sleeve. Over the last few days, I've been acquiring some component items for Item Synthesis; herbs, roots, and powerful gels.... that sort of thing. I've been saving them for when I needed them. I'd say this qualifies.

With the synthesizing skills that elf back in Wintergreen taught me, I can finally put everything together to make some massive stat-boosting items. These things will turn me in to a bona fide, dragon-beating, ass-kicking tank. Chimera won't know what hit him.

Entry #24:

We might be in trouble. We've found Chimera and his dragon, but we now have another problem; apparently, Chimera's bond with this dragon goes beyond simple mind control. He's a dragoon; a legitimate dragon-rider. And from what he says, he's been riding this dragon since childhood.

He knows that the fairy told us we could disrupt his control over the dragon, and assured us that that was false. He may be bluffing, but we won't know until we actually take them on.

I'm not sure why, exactly, but Chimera seems to have a real problem with me. Only me, though. Judging from his words, it sounds like he passed up the opportunity to attack Nurdof, Everphoenix and Chicken back in South Cape, just so he could wait for the opportunity to fight me. Why is he out to kill me? Have I done something I'm not aware of?

With Chimera atop the dragon, that dragon now stands between us and him. Or rather, flies. We'll have to bang the dragon up a fair bit to force it to land so we can get to Chimera. Fortunately, I'm not alone. Rainichan is here to provide magical support, and Jason and Kaleflame have joined us (apparently having retrieved the other orbs, but taking a bit of a beating in the process). I have help to take on this dragon, so we stand a much better chance.

Chimera doesn't know about my stat-augmentation yet. Let's surprise this thug with a sound beating. I just hope those stat boosts are enough to see me through this. And maybe when I'm done, I can get some answers from this man.

Entry #25:

We're a little scraped up, but still alive. It seems that Chimera was telling the truth; we weren't able to turn the dragon against him in battle. The most we were able to do was briefly take it out of commission; after wounding it, it was forced to land, which gave us an opportunity to take on Chimera directly.

I was hoping to give him a firsthand demonstration of my boosted stats, but that little snake gave us the slip again....

While I was healing my own wounds, everyone felt a wave of heat wash over us, and all of the elemental creatures.... the fairies, the dragon, even Tiamat herself... began mourning in anguish. It seems that the Fire Elemental Lord, Malizzo, has been slain. Chimera used the distraction as an opportunity to flee. I wish we could have gone after him, but I'm sure this isn't my last chance to face off with him.

We gathered all of the orbs together, and met with Tiamat. She explained that Malizzo's death means that Arashi's influence is growing; he must have killed her to get her Lithograph. Either she wasn't willing to give it up, or wasn't willing to give it up to HIM. Either way, he has it now, which spells trouble for us.

Tiamat gave us her Lithograph, and urged us to hurry to either the Great Pyramid, where Lich is found, or the Seaside Palace, where Kraken dwells. Both are in danger, with Arashi and his followers willing to kill for these Lithograph things.

I intend to head for the Seaside Palace to meet Kraken. I don't know where the others are going; I wouldn't mind traveling with everyone a while longer, but there are two targets to check on; the best thing to do would be to split up.

I don't know when or if I'll see these folks again, so just in case I don't, I'll say now that it's been an honour to have them as allies.

Entry #26:

Rainichan and Jason accompanied me to the Angel Village, where we were hoping to get access to the Seaside Palace.

The people here seem... unusual. Everyone seems to have the same stoic demeanor; it almost seems as though they're without life.... without feelings. Outsiders must feel very uncomfortable here.

The three of us met with the High Priestess of the village, and attempted to explain the situation. We told her of Malizzo's death, and our concern for Kraken. She seemed completely unfazed by the news that Arashi may target Kraken next. As it turns out, that's because Arashi has already done so; he's beaten us here!

We haven't felt anything unusual like we did when Malizzo was killed, so Kraken may still be alive, but Arashi still managed to acquire her lithograph. He now has two, is waiting for his servant Psychokind to bring him the third.... and he's ready to kill us for the fourth.

We're not about to just hand it over, knowing what he'll do with them, but combat? We may be out of our league here. Arashi is a lord among demons. But what choice do we have?

At any rate, I now have a chance to see how well my new stat boosts will serve me in combat. When Arashi last saw me, I was half as powerful as I am now. I'm hoping the element of surprise will work in our favour that way. I just hope I have the strength now to stand up to his offense.

I'll have to do what I can to protect Rainichan, as well. She's not a physical fighter; I'll have to keep Arashi's attention away from her.

Entry 27:

It seems the question of "am I strong enough to face Arashi?" has been answered. The answer is no. A sneak attack didn't work. He saw it coming, and simply moves too quickly.

He claims to be invulnerable, thanks to the data disks' power. As a power-hungry psychopath, he may just be blowing smoke, but the point remains that we can't defeat him right now. With his power, he sent Jason, Rainichan and myself.... somewhere. The 'underworld', did he call it?

He claimed to have answers for us.... to show us how the world became so ravaged. Using the data disks, he showed us an image of some.... person. He identified himself as "Fallen", and it sounded like he was talking to eFlare. Apparently, he's some kind of monitor for the world.... it was his responsibility to cause a massive cataclysm, to see how people respond to it. If we do well, our world is allowed to continue to exist. If not, well....

Since eFlare discovered this person before he was supposed to, Fallen was forced to cause the cataclysm early. eFlare negotiated a deal with Fallen.... Fallen delays the cataclysm, in exchange for taking our memories. That's why no one could remember anything about what's been happening.

Arashi told us more about the lithographs. They're not just old tablets... they contain some kind of data. They can modify, or even delete certain programs. Arashi plans to use them against Fallen, so he can save this world, and then take Fallen's place as its God.

In an unexpected twist, Arashi turned over the two lithographs he was carrying to us. That gives us three (his servant has the final one). He wants us to ally with him to take down Fallen. He must be confident that we'll do so if he's willing to turn over such powerful artifacts so easily.

Fallen dwells not far from here. Before we go there, though, I think it may be best if we pay a visit to eFlare. He should be able to clear this all up, and maybe tell us more about Fallen.

Entry #28:

Our little group returned to the Tower of Babel to speak with eFlare and Kaleflame. They seem to think that destroying Fallen will only make things worse for us. How could they BE any worse? Fallen wants to wipe our world off the map as some kind of experiment! But they do seem to like the idea of using the lithographs to rewrite Fallen.

We didn't get much discussion in, on account of being interrupted by an uninvited Arashi. Wonder of wonders, he wants our help again. His servant, in the process of securing the final lithograph, is apparently squaring off against the guardian, Lich, who has been possessed (and augmented) by Fallen. Arashi doesn't have much faith that his boy can win, so he wants some of us to go help out and get that lithograph at all costs.

He also wants some others to infiltrate Fallen's Spire and deactivate the defenses. This will allow access to everyone before the Spire becomes too heavily defended.

And finally, he made one last request: someone needs to be what he called a 'Reprogrammer'. He didn't get specific as to what the job entailed, but the name conjures up images of activating the lithographs and using them on Fallen. Apparently, this job is only doable by one with Demon Blood, and who is not associated with Arashi. That means it's down to Rainichan, and Everphoenix.

Rainichan deferred to Everphoenix's superior magical strength, and offered to be the Reprogrammer. I hope she knows what she's getting in to. Arashi said something about the Reprogrammer 'using their own life force as a conduit' when using these lithographs. I hope nothing happens to her.

Entry # 29:

Reluctantly, I decided to go with Arashi to help his henchman secure the final lithograph from Lich. Fortunately, Nurdof (I seem to have neglected to mention that he's come out of retirement) came with me, so I wasn't left traveling with the villains myself. We may be working together, but we don't share the same goals.

We arrived in time to find Psychokind having some degree of difficulty in battling Lich. In an effort to protect himself, Fallen had possessed Lich, and with his power augmenting hers, she was more than one person could handle. But now there were four of us, which evened things up a bit.

I made it clear when the fight started that killing her was a last resort only; I thought that after fighting a bit, she may be able to be reasoned with. I decided to test that theory partway in to the battle. I focused my charisma as best I could, and made an impassioned plea to Lich, describing what was happening and how she could help us, and apologizing for what happened to her sisters.

In a rare stroke of luck, I seemed to get through to her; she said nothing, but dropped the lithograph and retreated. It was risky trying to reason with her while she was possessed, but it prevented anyone from dying.

Now that we had what we wanted, it was time to meet everyone else in Fallen's lair.

After reuniting with everyone, we shared a conversation, declaring our solidarity in this cause, but reaffirming our opposition to each other afterwards. Arashi is convinced that the world is destined for Demon rule, with him as top dog. Not if I can help it.

We also took a moment to lament the former teammates who had not made it here for one reason or another. Some had decided to give up the adventurer's life and settle in to a more peaceful one. Even Arashi spoke of three others he was fond of. I guess that for all of our differences, even Demons care about their own.

As we approached Fallen's inner sanctum, we came across a face that's become all too familiar; somehow, Chimera had beaten us here! He has to teach me how to teleport some day. But he wasn't here to interfere.... he was here to offer his aid. It seems that after our recent encounters (and fights), he's turned over a new leaf; he's realized that there are other things to fight for besides yourself. I'm not sure I completely trust him, but if he's willing to help, I suppose we could use the extra power.

A little farther inside, we found Fallen himself, the one who aims to destroy this world. There were 10 of us, and with Rainichan acting as the reprogrammer to disrupt his program, we began a long and very physical fight. A couple of us were nearly killed, and Fallen was capable of sapping the life out of everyone simultaneously.

But we continued our assault.... race and alignment no longer mattered as all of us - humans, dwarves, demons, reformed criminals, sorcerers.... all of us fighting to protect the world we call home.

Eventually, Fallen could no longer weather an onslaught from so many people, and his program deteriorated before it was destroyed. His spire collapsed as we made our quick exit to a conveniently provided airship.

After a few days, we all met again, and shared some final words in our last meeting. Arashi plans to withdraw from TerraEarth for now, and regroup with his fellow Demons. As a favour to us, he'll 'allow' us to do the same, so we'll be ready to go up against him when he returns. How... noble, I guess.

With our world now safe, we're hoping that tension between races will relax. EverPhoenix seemed certain that half-Demons like himself would never really be accepted, but it's my hope (and the hope of my fellow adventurers) that the world read these journals and learn the truth; that Demonic blood does not make one a monster. I've journeyed with demons and half demons, and not only am I still alive (thanks in large part to their help), but I've become good friends with some of them. And if it weren't for their help, no one may be alive right now to read these journals. We owe them our thanks.

This will be my final entry on this journey throughout TerraEarth. Though, Gods willing, it won't be my final entry altogether. There's sure to be more to come for all of us, and I'll be there with a journal in one hand and a pen in the other.

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Damn, dark knight. Those are awesome. Psh, and you say you have no writing talent!

Presia firle anw faura,
van futare parge iem...
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i like it. now i really want DnD v3
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