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MKUltra and Polybius

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PostSoulBlazerFan Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:07 am   Post subject: MKUltra and Polybius Reply with quote

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Two things I recently began to look into was the mysterious arcade game known only as Polybius. Game Theory: Polybius as well as MKUltra Wikipedia page

This video will give you a crash course on what Polybius may have been. I'd recommend taking the time to watch it before reading further. If you want a deeper idea of what MKUltra is, check out the Wiki page. Much of this same information can be found elsewhere, including several documentaries on youtube.

While there is no physical proof this game, the MKUltra tests have been proven to exist beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Brainwashing, mental reprogramming, Manchurian candidates... it all seems like science fiction drivel until you look into this subject deeper. The CIA, between 1950 to 1973 (And some believe is still on-going) was looking for ways to brainwash people using many different things, including mescaline and LSD. Many people were given these drugs without their prior knowledge of what it would do to them. A lot of what I read is pretty horrific, and the idea that these tests could still be ongoing is quite frightening... including murders, all which seem to have been swept under the rug as "suicides."

In 1973, after the Watergate scandal, the then head of the CIA mandated that all documents about any MKUltra tests be destroyed, and the tests be stopped. The only reason they were ever released to the public was because 20,000 documents were misfiled and discovered thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Now, about the game Polybius. Supposedly, this game is a mixture of space shooter game with puzzles. Some people said that parts of the game were like an LSD trip- with bright colors and sensory overload. It may have also included subliminal messaging as well. Lines waiting to play were said to be extremely long. Fighting would break out over who would play next. There were epileptic seizures induced by the graphics, and supposedly several suicides.

What do these two have to do with one another? There is a theory that this game was created for the government, and it was another MKUltra-esque test to see what they effects were on the general population.

As quick as these games appeared they seemed to vanish overnight. The only thing that exists are a single screenshot of the title screen with a Copyright for a German copy... and the translation of the companies name is "Sensory Elimination" or "Sensory Deletion," and several questionable photos of the arcade cabinet.

People have come out over the years with pictures of the cabinet... and these soon vanish.

Does it exist? Is Polybius merely an urban legend, created in the digital age, like the Bloody Mary's and the ghost in the abandoned house down the road from our youths? It might be, but MKUltra certainly wasn't. Whose to say the government was or wasn't using children as subjects in some experiment? Lastly, whose to say we aren't still being used in some sort of experiment, without our knowledge?
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PostJason Tandro Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:37 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

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Also a fan of MattPat and GameTheory. This one... didn't really surprise me. The government has experimented with the brainwashing potential of any form of mass media... purely for academic and counter-terrorist reasons of course.

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