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George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

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PostJason Tandro Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:41 am   Post subject: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty Reply with quote

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Okay, so I'm sure you have heard that George Zimmerman was found not guilty. At risk of being called a "racist" for not shouting and taking up arms against Zimmerman, here is my honest opinion about this entire thing:

I do not know whether or not Zimmerman was guilty. I do know that 1)no matter how much the media tries to make it so, this was not about race. 2) Zimmerman had no right to make an assumption about Martin and take it upon himself to follow him. 3) Martin is dead and Zimmerman is alive. 4) this could have easily been avoided. 5) If Martin were the one alive, it would have been thrown in his face about how he was a "no good thug" who killed an "innocent man".

The facts are this. Trials of this magnitude bring out the worst in humanity. People cry for the blood of whoever isnt already dead. And the media will do everything to cheapen it and sell it to the public.

Legally speaking, if the prosecution could not prove beyond reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty then the jury had to find him not guilty, regardless how sickening some (or, indeed most) may find it. Does this mean a guilty man has walked free. Possibly. But it is the nature of the beast.

Zimmerman will never know peace, even if he does manage to survive the next few years. And Martin, who foolish or not, was still only a young man has lost his chance to live any kind of a life at all. Hopefully he is at peace in a better place.
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