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Xenoblade Chronicles X - Every trailer so far

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PostFazermint Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:21 pm   Post subject: Xenoblade Chronicles X - Every trailer so far Reply with quote

Reply with quote
I don't know if any of you are paying attention to the Nintendo Directs, but there was one a couple of days ago. As with most of the major Directs, we were given another peek into the amazing world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. I ended up watching all of the footage ever shown of the game... And here's a full account of all the footage, from reveal to two days ago!

This Wii U-exclusive action RPG has been scheduled for a April 29th release in Japan. With some luck, will we see a June release in NA and EU?

Reveal trailer - January, 2013
- Immediately clear that this is the next installment in the Xeno series.
- Same skill bar system as Xenoblade Chronicles, with skill cooldowns and everything.
- This game has you wielding guns AND swords, simultaneously.
- Absolutely stunning environment
- Monsters look incredible, and you can apparently break parts of the monsters (cut off legs and whatnot)
- You have mechs! They transform! Roll around on the ground, hover above water, or fly through the air! And there are mech battles!
- There's online multiplayer functionality! YESPLS

E3 2013 trailer - June, 2013
- Nothing new in terms of gameplay
- Showing off a city that might be the main hub
- Showing off some new environments. Gorgeous!

Gameplay Trailer #1 - February, 2014
- Showing off a battle with a boss monster
- Tired of your low damage? Go fight with your mo'fokin MECH instead!
- Reward box after defeating bosses. You get your own loot even though you play with a party, it seems. Nice, fighting over loot breaks friendships.

E3 2014: Story trailer - June, 2014
- Here we get a glimpse of the story.
- Japanese voice acting sounds solid
- Looks like we're in for another fantastic story!

E3 2014: Live feed of gameplay - June, 2014
- 40 glorious minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles X goodness!
- You create your own avatar. Looks like we'll have a silent protagonist.
- Being strategic with ranged vs. melee attacks.
- Differing weather, day/night cycles, just like XC.
- Once again the massive and gorgeous environment is thrown in your face.
- "If you see it, you can pretty much go there". See a monster in the far edges of the map? You can most likely reach it... after 5 minutes of trekking.
- Target different parts of monsters
- Item drop boxes for regular monsters too
- Class system: You can focus on different classes to earn different skills. You can switch between them at will, as they aren't mutually exclusive. Some cool looking class names like Star Crusader and FullMetal Jaguar o.0 about 8 different end-game classes, it seems.
- Lvl 45 monster's toenail is bigger than you, son.
- You can dash, aweyeh
- You can give orders to NPC party members

Nintendo Direct: Gameplay - November, 2014
- Features Iwata-san's fantabulous English! I kid the guy.
- Quests, hundreds of quests. They "influence the survival of humanity"... Story missions, side quests (what's he saying, deepen the plot with friends?) and of course doing favors for the shitty citizens.
- Gamepad navigation system, high hopes for this making my life a lot easier than it was while playing XC...

Exploration trailer - January, 2015
- In case you forgot how goddamn gorgeous this game is, here's some new environment footage.
- Shows tons of new places, whereas earlier footage mostly focused on the area around the main hub city.

That's it. Now I'll go cry in a corner until the next trailer comes out.
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