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PostJason Tandro Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:30 am   Post subject: Top Ten Mobile Games Reply with quote

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Another day, another top ten. Today I was absolutely blown away by and reminded why not all mobile games are inherently bad games. While I personally never play many mobile games for long, there have been a few which occupy my time for a long period and which are deserving of the praise they get.

In no particular order of rank, here are my top ten.

1. Sara Is Missing

I just played this one today and it instantly earned a place. The premise is simple, you "found" a girl's phone but it's badly corrupted. You have a strange tool which claims to be an AI, though you have your doubts, that wants you to help find the girl who owned it. Very quickly as you dig through her files, conversations, photos and email it becomes clear that you are not dealing with an ordinary missing persons case however. I won't go any further for fear of spoiling it but it makes you feel like a detective and is incredibly detailed. Plus it's creepy as hell.

2. Plague Inc.

One of the most meme'd games out there due to its ability to name a disease which eradicates the planet, Plague Inc is a masterwork of a game. You have to create and then "evolve" a virus with the intent of wiping out life on earth. You get to watch as the world is slowly infected by your virus. The game also features a lot of flavor text and a very realistic simulation of world travel, economics, etc as you attempt to kill everybody before the disease is cured. It also has a really creepy soundtrack. If you have yet to play this one, do yourself a favor and download it tonight.

3. Cut the Rope

I also loved the early puzzle games and Cut The Rope clearly wins points on cuteness alone. All you have to do is get a piece of candy on a series of ropes into the gullet of your adorable pet monster, collecting stars along the way (cause it is always stars) and solving some incredibly fun physics puzzles along the way. This is a perfect toilet game. Quick, easy, fun and adorable.

4. Crossy Road

Frogger was a staple of early arcade games and attempts to improve its satisfying formula have not usually been as big a hit as the original until lately. The variety of maps, the never-ending procedurally generated levels, the assortment of cool characters, a few of which have special level altering effects. It is about a simple a concept as you can get but it remains one of the most replayable in this list.

5. Control Tower

Ever want to simulate one of the most difficult and demanding jobs in the world and remove all of the stakes from it. Well you have Control Tower, a game which lets you direct planes and helicopters safely to landing. If this sounds boring, I should specify that this is apparently a bizzaro airport where every flight in the known universe is showing up at the same time and you are expected to keep them from crashing into each other. Sounds simple but can be surprisingly tricky as you go on.

6. Final Fantasy Record Keeper OR Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy has had an iffy track record with its mobile games, most notably its atrocious money-grubbing flop All The Bravest. Record Keeper and Brave Exvius address those problems and mostly solve them, depending upon what you are looking for. If you want the nostalgia fuel that ATB promised, Record Keeper has you covered, allowing you to revisit most of the games in simple combat-oriented gameplay with a cast of all your favorite characters. If you wanted a more traditional RPG style game, Brave Exvius has you covered with a unique blend of mobile and classic game style, a decent story and some amazing music - the battle theme is my favorite in the entire FF series if that tells you anything. I personally found that they both wear thin a little bit after a while but if you really like the mobile game format then either of these are solid additions. What about Moebius? Eh, I found it too slow and dry for my taste.

7. Hearthstone

If you are into Warcraft, or Magic The Gathering, or both, the Hearthstone has you covered. A straight forward TCG style game with a very fluid and forgiving tutorial that eases you into the game before allowing you a lot of freedom for single-player or online player TCG action. It's a hefty beast of a game, over a GB, but if you are really serious into card games and have run out of local players, Hearthstone is a worthy addition to your phone. If you're new to TCG and want to try it out, Hearthstone is also forgiving enough that it's newbie friendly.

8. CaveDroid

Simplicity incarnate, this game has you take a first person view as you guide yourself through a narrow tunnel, avoiding obstacles, either using the phone's gyroscope or touch screen. In essence, it's first person Fly The Copter. I've had this game since my very first android phone around 8 years ago and it never fails to get a spot on my phone.

9. Paper.io

Okay, remember the old NES and Gameboy game called Qix? You had to carve out pieces of the screen and try to capture as much territory as possible while avoiding enemies. Okay now imagine that on a massive board, online and with other players. This is by far one of the most surprisingly addictive and satisfying games on this list if you are good at Qix and it absolutely blew me away at how good it was. You've got to try it.

10. Iron Force

A game that I'm surprised how much I actually enjoyed it. On the surface it looks like just a bog standard army game, and it is. But at its core the game is a surprisingly straightforward online shooter game where you control customizable tanks. While the game clearly tries to sell you on premium content you aren't thrown into matches against tanks you can't beat and even if nobody is on you can still face AIs in battle. The customization and tank controls are pretty fun and it's worth a mention for sure.

Honorable Mentions:

Angry Birds - Fun at first, but I feel like it got a little too much credit for what it was.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out - Actually a great Simpsons game with a sort of Sim City vibe but it just got crammed with too much shit over the years.

Flow - A decent puzzle game but not much too it.

Paper Toss - This one is actually really good for when you just want to zone out, but its not the kind of game you can play all the time.

Justice Monsters V - The FFXV game tie-in is actually a pretty good mobile pinball game.

Call of Mini: Infinity - A really good phone based online FPS, but it heavily rewards people who pay for premium content.

Sonic Dash - The original version of this game was a great chill out game, but it got cluttered.

Farm Story - Great for those of you who like farming sims, and I kind of liked it for the reason I like Zen Gardens, but there's really not much here and they bombard you with ads.

There Is No Game - A fun experimental game that I won't dare ruin, but you should check out.

Phew. Okay, so what are yours? Any recommendations for stuff I should try?
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fuck yeah!

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Postpsychokind Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:48 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

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I don't think I ever tried a mobile game Very Happy except for temple run maybe, but I don't consider that a real game. I did play some emulated SNES and playstation games on it.
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Postinferiare Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:36 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

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Mobius Final Fantasy is a good one that I really need to play more.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained x is... well. It's a KH game I don't know what you expect lmao.

Crash Fever is fun, kind of like Puzzle and Dragons (which is also fabulous)

Neko Atsume, though I need to start over again sobbu, is really great for anxiety so I've found for myself.

Fire Emblem: Heroes is a FE game on mobile.

I also play Love Nikki and Aikatsu! Photo On Stage!! but those are super girly games lmao; LN has been winning out lately in what I pour my time into but I do play these fairly often.

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