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PosteFlare Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:30 am   Post subject: [FORUM POLICY] General Forum Policy Reply with quote

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Things you need to know before posting!
(Last update: January 10, 2010 - 00:00 GMT)

  • Do not reply with few-word-posts such as "Cool!", "No way..." or "Yes";
  • Same applies to topics, do not create topics with no actual topic. Topics like "How are you doing?", topics that lack actual content;
  • Freedom of speech applies to this board. Just try to keep it clean and don't start fighting with people;
  • Keep in mind that everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. If someone doesn't agree with you, don't start torching that person for his/her opinion;
  • Stay on topic! If you want to talk about something else than the topic you are reading, start a new topic about that, don't just change the subject with a reply;
  • You may not advertise for your website, company or anything else on the board, with exception to Spam Central. If you want people (for example) to have a look at your website's new design then I suggest you use the Showcasing forum;
  • Posting in Spam Central will not increase your post count, nor earn you any Gems;
  • Keep the right topic in the right forum! Don't start talking about your cat in the Terranigma forum, unless he is somehow relevant to the game. You get the point.;
  • Do not create multiple accounts on this board. It's pointless and confusing. If you were banned than don't bother coming back with another name, if you've been away for a while, don't sign up again, just use your old account.

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