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PostJason Tandro Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:31 am   Post subject: Decay Reply with quote

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Not to be confused with State of Decay.

Official Website

Oh my god, this game.

So if you aren't into point-and-click adventure games this will probably hold little interest for you, but even so I recommend checking it out because it might change your mind about that. I picked up the first part on a whim and sweet lord it is the scariest collection of games I think I may have ever played, and definitely scariest point-and-click.

This game is all about story, atmosphere and ambiance. I can't tell you too much without giving away huge chunks of story but suffice to say you are in an alternate world that mirrors the real world, and you don't know what caused you to arrive here. The only clues you have are that when you were awake you were hanging by a noose in an apartment.

While the game is broken into four parts, it actually serves a good purpose. Part 1 is the cheapest and shortest at 80p, which allows you to basically try out a full game for a buck, see if you like what it's about and if so, roll with it and get the other three parts for 240p a piece. Furthermore, each game is self-contained, but all connect (I wouldn't recommend sequence breaking or you'll ruin it).

Another good thing is that the games get progressively harder in their puzzles so there is a feeling of progressively moving. Each game also features some awesome mini-games as their puzzles, adding more and more interesting ones with each version, all while keeping the creepy atmosphere.

Oh, and yeah, if I haven't mentioned it enough, this game is shit-your-pants scary. It has a great balance of psychological horror, ambient horror and good old fashioned jump scares. The above still image will haunt my nightmares for many years to come.

So seriously, no joke, look into it. It's not on Steam unfortunately, just XBLA Indie Arcade, but it's totally worth it.
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