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Postinferiare Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 6:43 am   Post subject: Steam/GOG recommendations Reply with quote

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Because why not? I don't have a Steam account, but I do grab games off of GOG on occasion! I'll start this recommend train off with some of the games I've grabbed that I think are available in both or one of these places.

Long Live the Queen: don't let the cutesy anime artwork fool you. It starts off like a Princess Maker clone, and then... everything kills you. And I mean everything. The goal is simple enough: stay alive long enough to reach your coronation. But can you actually STAY ALIVE to do so?

There's actually a lot of lore in the game, little things you can miss if you're not paying attention, and it can actually get pretty dark. If you have a Something Awful account and want to see what the game can be, there's a Let's Play currently running of the game, with goon-run LET'S MAKE OUR PRINCESS DO THIS (which can end hilariously.) (Both Steam/GOG links above)

Papers, Please: Check papers, deny people entry, make sure the Government is happy. Glory to Arstotzka.

...but seriously, just my playing it got polybob to buy it on Steam, because he was going "Holy shit how can you tell that's fake with so many damn documents?!" so... he picked it up and loved it. Very Happy A review on the game off of GOG sums it up nicely:

But soon, deeper questions come up. Yourself part of the totalitarian regime, how do you react to families torn apart, boiling rebellion—people's lives depending on your stamps? Here, the game shows its true colours as way more than a satire on communism. You're thinking not just about regulations and stamps, but the fates your decisions seal. Maybe the best way to keep your family safe is to be obedient and hope your loyalty is rewarded. But what if your conscience reminds you that this security is built on the suffering of others? Do you make use of your position to help bring about change, then? Don't risk enough, and your half-hearted efforts may be exposed. Risk too much and raise suspicion—you're of no use to anyone in a labour camp.

Once you've beaten it with one of the main endings (and there's 20) you can unlock Endless Mode: FOREVER CHECKING PASSPORTS AND PAPERS.

Syberia/Syberia II: bet you guys never knew I'm a fan of point and click puzzle-adventure games. But I am! And I remember eying this game when it came out, and bought it on GOG while it was on sale (both games cost me a combined amount of like $6.) The graphics are pretty badly outdated, but the story is still great.

You play as Kate Walker, a lawyer from New York, venturing out to Nowhere, France (aka a place made up solely for the game world) to obtain a signature on a sale for a toy company. However, the lady you were supposed to meet to finalize the sale has died, and her brother, one who was supposedly dead, is revealed to be alive. Now Kate gets to travel all across Europe to find someone who should have been dead, all while finding herself in some ways.

The first game sort of ends abruptly, leading into the second game, and continuing the story. I guess it was supposed to be one big game, but was split in two instead. The second game has updated (and nicer) graphics from the first, and finishes the story of the trek to see the Mammoths in Syberia. Definitely a game to grab. (Steam links: here and here.)

Loom: I don't think I can recommend this game enough. It's an old Lucasarts point and click game that was one of my favourites during my childhood. I had the entire set when I was a kid, actually! Lucasarts had some of the best point and clicks, so again, cannot recommend enough. Though it IS pointed out on Steam that it's the... well, inferior version of the versions released (original vga/ega compared to the CD version; vga/ega version has more to it, but things WERE added to the CD version.) Just beware of old 90's voice acting. Laughing

Anyway, those are my recs so far (not including some of the D&D games I got on sale some time ago on GOG; but those are all pretty obvious: Planescape, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter, etc), so anyone else got any?

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