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So I wrote a story!

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PostFlamez Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:07 pm   Post subject: So I wrote a story! Reply with quote

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A couple of months ago I wrote a story in Reddit's Writing prompts. Didn't get any traction what so ever, but hey, I had fun. Here it is in all its glory!


It had been ten thousand years, or maybe it had been one. Time held no meaning anymore. I am infinite, I have always been and always will be. I have seen civilizations rise and fall, worlds flourish and burn. I am neither alive nor dead, a being of which there is no name to describe, I just am. I am called Karltiroxanix the Great. My friends call me Karl.

"...and done". I looked upon my creation, a millennia of work complete. It pleased me. Only I, a being of such perfection could create such magnificence, could craft such wonder.

"What is it? I honestly don't see what you are going for here Karl." Borixinobx was once again contradicting my work. I dont see him for thousands of years, and yet every time I finish one of my grand designs he magically appears just to contradict me. "Is it supposed to be a life form of some kind? It looks disease ridden. Are you trying to start a plague on some unsuspecting mortals?"

I laughed. Borixinobx was always dull witted, he could never comprehend the magnificence of my work, the pure majesty of my creations. "Bob, when I want your opinion I will telepathically communicate it to a mortal to tell you, otherwise it is unneeded." Ha, that told him, the imbecile. "For your information, this life form as you so delicately put it is the pinnacle of millennia of my work. I doubt you could even being to understand how amazing, how pure, how the very nature of this being is put together, nor will you understand its meaning. This master crafted 'life form' is perfection personified. I call it, a Dodo. I have already placed a few on the world known as Earth; I suspect they will rule it within the next thousand years." Borixinobx would never truly understand my greater purpose, to create, to seed. Others of our kind had seeded many worlds, with whatever half-baked species they could come up with, I on the other hand, only crafted the greatest species. Intellectuals, the greatest, the ones destined to rule their worlds.

"Earth? I already put some stuff down there. Called em' primates, weird looking things that I slapped up over a laugh with the Imaginers." Borixinobx had to bring up those chums didn't he. He knows I dislike them, trust Borixinobx to rub it in that hes in good with The Imaginers. The Imaginers are in charge of balance, a world cant have to many species, nor can worlds to close together be seeded with life; I follow their design only to keep the peace, I of course don't need such guidelines, but I understand the need for the others to have rules to follow. Borixinobx continued talking, even though he knew I was disinterested. "Karl, how bout this aye, we see which spices wins out, give em, say a few hundred thousand years and we see who made the betta one!"

"Ha! You must be joking, my Dodo's are obviously the far superior race, it won’t be a contest, but if you insist!" The fool, once again he fails to see the perfection that is my work, but at least he has provided me something to look forward to; My victory. Perhaps when my Dodo's take over the Earth Borixinobx and the others will come to realise my magnificence. "I look forward to my victory Bob, let us reconvene in say, two hundred thousand years."

"Right oh Karl, see yah then champ." Bob never was the smartest of us, but I will still enjoy crushing him.

----==== A few hundred thousand years later, give or take a millennia ====----

"EXTINCT?! HOW THE HELL ARE THEY EXTINCT?! I look away for what, 300 years and they all die out?!" My creations are perfect, how? HOW?! I don’t understand it. How could Borixinobx have won? he must of cheated! "Bob, what happened to them?!"

"Well, umm, I guess it kinda my fault mate. Yah see my primates kinda killed em off. I'm really sorry, are yah ok? It was only a bet." Bob seems apologetic, but I can see that he’s truly gloating. Trust him to rub it in.

"Don't worry about it Bob, your right it was only a bet. I got a tad worked up, but I'm...." Borixinobx suddenly disappeared in front of me. Trust him to do something like that. To just leave while I'm talking. No one takes me seriously. An almighty being gifted with the power of creation and wisdom. "Bob... bob?!" He is definitely nowhere near by. I'm sure he'll turn up in a decade or so... I'm sure.

----==== A decade or so later ====----

"Karl! You won’t believe it!" Its Borixinobx! hes back! To hear his telepathic voice! Oh how I missed it, but I won’t tell him that. "My primates, they summoned me to Earth!"

"Your Primates summoned you?" Curious, I have heard of some of us being summoned to other worlds before, usually only the Imaginers get the honor. Back less than thirty seconds and hes already rubbing it in. I don't know why I missed him. "What did they want?"

"Ah well, they wanted me to be like some kind of leader for them, called me... ahhh, what was it? Stan? Slint? Sat..in.... Satan. They called me Satan. They thought I was some great destroyer or somethin and ah well, I didn't want to disappoint see so I kinda just went along with it. You know how it is right mate?" I could sense the joy, in his words. He was mocking me. He thinks hes important, and is once again making sure that I know he thinks that. I won’t have it. I won’t. "It was alright I guess, not my gig yah know though, much more a creative than destructive type and all. Hope they don't summon me again and all, much rather stick around here."

"Can they summon you whenever they want? I need to know everything Bob!" As much as Borixinobx's taunting was getting to me, I needed to know more. This was a chance. A way to break the monotony, for at least a small point of time. There is only so much infinite one infinite being could take, a chance at something different was rare.

"Well I ahh, don't know the details all that well, but the head dude, wore this all black robe thing said something about many sacrifices. Didn't pay that much attention to em really." There he goes again with his arrogance, didn't pay that much attention. I'm better then you Karl. Blah blah blah.

"What did they want from you?!" It was obviously a mistake when they summoned Borixinobx, they most likely wanted a being of my caliber for their purpose.

"Ah, well there was a lot of worshiping and stuff going on, I'm just glad to be back and all." Glad to be back? After being worshiped by lesser beings? Only Borixinobx's arrogance could be so great. He is unworthy of such worship. If only it was me. It should of been me.

"I'm sure you’re talking it down bob. I have no doubt..." Blackness. Borixinobx was gone... No. I was. Could it be? I'm being summoned to the mortal realms?! Yes! A chance to once more prove my magnificence. I won’t let such a chance go to waist, unlike that waste of time Borixinobx.

I opened my eyes. A new sensation, I have a physical form. The room is dark, or perhaps my mortal eyes are just weak. A figure rises in front me me. "My Lord. It worked! You have come to us! After all this time." Yes. My Lord! These mortals know my majesty. There is more than one, at least five of them, hooded in this small room. No more. Five stand, but there are others. Five around my feet. I have feet. The five around me don't move, a red substance leaking from their fleshy forms. "We sacrificed many for this day my Lord." The one who spoke before spoke again. I looked him in the eye. A young man, but I guess old by their mortal standards. It was time to act the part of their Lord.

"You did well to summon me Mortal." My voice, I have a voice. The room seemed brighter now, perhaps the darkness was due to my mortal eyes. The five fleshy forms around my feed where arranged in circle, I was in the middle. The red liquid coated the floor I stood on. Behind those who still stood I could see more; more fleshy forms placed in a line leading to the point I stood. Those beings seemed smaller, younger than the ones around my feed, but they as well had the red liquid leaking from them. I could see the walls now, some form of pinkish tapestry being held up by whitish grey sticks adorned each; these tapestry's somehow resembled the beings in front me. I looked back at the one who spoke before. "Bask in my Might mortal. For I AM ETERNAL! What reason did you summon me?!" This was my moment! Here at last. A world of my own; a place where I Karltiroxanix the Great would truly be appreciated.

"My Lord, we summoned you to make us rich!" Rich? Rich in what? Rich in knowledge? That is something I can do, impart my eternal knowledge upon these mortals. He continued "We want you to help us manipulate the stock markets so that our share portfolios increase in volume while also decreasing the security and commodity of our rivals." Share manipulation? I can offer the universe and all he wants me to do is to manipulate an insignificant market?! Me?! Karltiroxanix the Great do something so trivial? Never.

"You annoy me mortals, know your place. I am a being beyond your comprehension, I am infinite, I have always been and always will be. I have seen civilizations rise and fall, worlds flourish and..." I was interrupted by summoner.

"I have bound you to me demon, you must do our bidding. You no longer have free will." Bound? Me? Never! Beings such as these primates could not control me! I step forward... or at least try to, nothing happens. The summoner notices my struggle, he smiles and says "When you’re done, you can buy us some burgers."

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PostValerie Valens Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:21 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

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Pretty good read. it seems like the incompetents are always the ones who fashion themselves the greatest.
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