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So yeah, I'm stepping away from Mormonism

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Jason Tandro
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PostJason Tandro Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:46 am   Post subject: So yeah, I'm stepping away from Mormonism Reply with quote

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Not that I necessarily don't believe in the actual religious tenets of the faith, but I can't associate with a faith that will pull this kind of shit:

New Mormon Policy Bans Children of Gay Couples From Blessings / Rites

First off, this is in violation of one of our own fundamental tenets that men are only responsible for their own sins, not the sins of their fathers.

Secondly it's something unconscionably evil.

So I can't in good conscience consider myself a member of a faith that would allow something like this. Their views on LGBT have been one that I've been leaning away from for years now (making all the old debates I had on the subject some six years ago seeming incredibly ironic), but this is the straw that broke the camels back.

I put this in Debate, because hopefully a lively debate will follow but I also have to say it's a little freaky and disorienting cutting something off that has been a constant part of my life since I was born.

Either way, as scary as it is, I can't justify this action.

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fuck yeah!

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Postpsychokind Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:38 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

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Catholic here. We got loads of regulations concerning gay couples, them adopting childring and so on. And what's the best thing about being catholic? The inherent free will of men. We can do and believe anything we want, as long as we aren't church officials (which is a valid and common career path for me), we can do whatever we want and still call ourselves catholic.
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Postinferiare Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 1:58 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

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From what I gather, it's been a Thing for a while now. polybob (aka my husband) read through what the actual document from the higher ups said and it's... pretty much what was already there. I don't fully know what all goes on with official decrees and whatnot (not being a member myself and all) but what I DO know is that they never said to shun them or anything like that - after all, that's not what God would do! You can hate the sin, but love the sinner, and there's apparently something about a difference between same sex attraction and actual homosexuality that's a grey area or some such? The attraction is more "I like looking at dudes/chicks but I don't act on it" and of course, the acting on it. I'd have to ask polybob to come around and discuss it, since I'm not fully equipped for that sort of debate, not really knowing how that all works, but I do know the "they must be 18 or older to make a decision by themselves" is sort of like the "they can be drafted into the military and vote because they are now legally an adult" so it's an issue of legality on that afaik.

However! I can get where the church is coming from: they're following biblical teachings, and I don't just mean the passage in Leviticus. While yes, if they claim themselves to be in a sexual relationship, but say they're Christian, it's a hypocritical statement: yes, God loves you, but He's also said that the act of homosexuality is something terrible to His eyes, He does not condone that. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't love them still, and I definitely know that the church subscribes to the "make your own choices because you do have free will to do so" which this falls under. Does this mean I hate the LGBT+ community? No. But while I know we're all imperfect and there's no way in hell we're able to be perfect while we're on this earth, if we're going to call ourselves Christian and believe in God, He does expect us to attempt to follow his commandments - and not just the ones that are most famous - that he has laid out. He might not expect us to follow everything in the Old Testament since that's more "the Jews follow this stuff" beyond the 10 Commandments, but the New Testament stuff? Yeah. That's for the Gentiles, the rest of the believers who are not of the Jewish faith, to follow.

Regardless, my stance on it is neutral. I can see both sides of it, and can understand both sides. I don't have a strong argument for the other side of things, mainly because well, you pretty much put that here yourself, Jase. Very Happy but I do understand that's kind of a "wait what?!" moment. I can play devil's advocate a bit for the sake of a discussion, which is what this mainly is. I'll definitely try to coax the husband around for the rest of what I don't understand though, just so I don't make a fool out of myself debating/discussing something I don't know much about.

Presia firle anw faura,
van futare parge iem...
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Manibrandr System
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PostManibrandr System Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:37 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

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Welcome to my world 14 years ago.

The biggest reason I left religion in the first place, is because I have long since realized that control by coercion and menticide is an inherent part of religion. While most religions are mild enough that they're not as big of an issue, some, like Scientology, and Social Justice, is the eventual conclusion of what happens when you take it too far.
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