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PostJason Tandro Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 10:29 am   Post subject: TE:A Guild Breakdown Reply with quote

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This is mostly to aid Valerie in her TEAR project. This is a breakdown of the 6 Guilds within the world of TE:A. Technically speaking, 3 are Guilds and 3 are "Clubs".

Guild vs Club
The primary distinction in TE:A was that the three "Guild" questlines provided you with Keys which would unlock a hidden treasure room on the Central Island. The three "Club" questlines provided Data Disks which unlocked the bonus dungeon: Floors 6 - 100 of the Tower of Babel.

The Three Guilds
The Brewmaster's Guild
The Literary Guild
The Mystery Guild

The Three Clubs
The Company
The Fight Club
The Foamy Card Cult


The Brewmaster's Guild
Leader: The Beer Baron
Ranks: Associate, Novice, Journeyman, Expert, Bartender, Mixmaster
Headquarters: The Great Mead Hall, Itory Village Pub Basement

"The Brewmaster's Guild, formed in 21 T.D. by a group of drunk and horny dwarves, was originally a group of seven men who hung out in their basement and got smashed. ... This is a sad beginning, but alas it's true."
- The Beer Baron

Purpose: The Brewmaster's Guild is dedicated to preserving and studying the art of crafting alcoholic beverages. Not only do they have sole authority over the creation and management of Pubs and the training of Bartenders, but they have a bit of a monopoly over alcohol trading throughout TerraEarth. Some private collectors, such as Seamus Kilarney, do try to cause trouble for them. Whether or not this monopoly they hold is ethical is up for debate. But the dedication which its members show to their craft is unquestionable.

The Literary Guild
Leader: Headmaster
Ranks: Reader, Peruser, Teacher, Professor
Headquarters: Tower of Babel, Floor 4

"The Literary Guild is dedicated, as it may be obvious, to the study of books and classic literature. The belief is that by studying the past, we can learn so much about our future."

- The Headmaster

Purpose: The Literary Guild has an entire floor dedicate to it. This floor has a library, a lecture hall that is free to attend, and the guild offices. The TerraEarthian government believes that education is an investment in its people and the Literary Guild and its Council of Elders serve as the chief officers of this. During the quest with the Literary Guild, many discoveries about the Moon Tribe are unearthed, including the fact that the Viewing Tables, found scattered around the world in ancient Moon Tribe Temples, were actually used as means of intergalactic travel.

The Mystery Guild
Leader: Ultra Super Awesome Investigator
Ranks: Investigator, Awesome Investigator, Super Awesome Investigator.
Headquarters: Room of Mystery, Southerta Island

"Well I'll tell you what, grown up. If you can find my four friends, I'll give you this awesome key I found!"
-Ultra Super Awesome Investigator

Purpose: A Guild founded by children. While their leader may seem reckless and the guild may seem to serve no real purpose, it is actually charged with a very serious task of preserving the legacy of childhood games, fairytales, and all things innocent. These children are meant to serve as gate-keepers of purity should something terrible befall TerraEarth, though it is highly unlikely that any of the children in the guild, including their leader, are actually aware of this fact.

The Company
Leader: Senior Operative
Ranks: Agent-In-Training, Agent, Spy, Infiltrator, Shadow, Operative
Headquarters: Tower of Babel, Floor 5

"We are a group of people with no names and no faces. We operate in silence, act in secret, hunt in the dark. We are TerraEarth's first and last line of defense against terrorists, usurpers and organized crime. In otherwords we're kind of like a spy group."
-Senior Operative

Purpose: The Company is a clandestine branch of the TerraEarthian government. While not officially recognized, its spies are tasked with ensuring the peace of the world, even at the cost of their own lives. Any sensitive tasks are immediately entrusted to them and any hint of betrayal is neutralized with extreme prejudice. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and even work outside the law in order to get the job done. But they have made several enemies within the underworld, and amongst the crime syndicates of TerraEarth, most notably the Chimera Clan, their existence is a poorly kept secret.

Fight Club
Leader: Late Champion
Ranks: No titles, just the ranking board of underground fighters.
Headquarters: Various Fight Club Halls around the world.

"Excellent. Now, the first rule about Fight Club... Um... I forgot what it was... But the second rule about Fight Club... Naw... I forgot that too. Look, just go beat the shit out of something, alright?"
-Late Champion

Purpose: Officially it is a club that provides free teleportation to the RP Punch-Up and provides training and information about sanctioned events. Unofficially it is the hottest underground fighting ring in TerraEarth where challengers from all over come to battle. Contenders include: rikoslava, RattyRandnums, Shoryuken, Miss Prime Blue, King Edward's Ghost, Queen Edwina's Ghost, a Sky Guardian, Flamez, UltraSuperHyperHeroGirl and the reigning champion, Sensei - Valerie's friend, mentor and an expert swordswoman and weaponscrafter.

The Foamy Card Cult
Leader: Foamy
Ranks: There are no ranks.
Headquarters: Tower of Babel, Basement

-Foamy Acolyte

Purpose: A place to listen to the word of the Lord and Master, Foamy. And that's basically it. Just a joke that carried over from the original TerraEarth game.
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PostValerie Valens Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 3:44 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

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This is pretty cool, thanks for putting this out here. This will be useful.
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