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Last additions
Illusion of Gaia - Characters2154 viewsFrom the Instruction book.May 24, 2009
Elle from overworld in Tokimeki Memorial Style988 viewsIts a Edit from the game Tokimeki Memorial for SnesMay 06, 2009
Elle in Tokimeki Memorial Style1447 viewsIts a Edit from the game Tokimeki Memorial for SnesMay 06, 2009
Fydia In Tokimeki Memorial style 1073 viewsIts a Edit from the game Tokimeki Memorial for SnesMay 06, 2009
The Blue Warrior833 viewsThis is the origin of my avatar. I honestly don't know who drew it, I just know that it's awesome.Apr 01, 2009
Work In Progress: My Personal Character915 viewsthis is a pic of my personal character, it's still a bit lacking in detail but it is a work in progress, comments are welcome

if anyone wants to see the original sketch, just let me know and i'll upload it, you might see more work by me at later dates
Mar 30, 2009
A Place To Rest683 viewsA Place To Rest from TerranigmaFeb 22, 2009
Beruga's Lab.mid490 viewsBeruga's Lab from TerranigmaFeb 22, 2009
Contest.mid527 viewsContest theme from TerranigmaFeb 22, 2009
Crysta.mid530 viewsCrysta theme from TerranigmaFeb 22, 2009
Russian Glass943 viewsOponent: No... I am the champion. I will not be disgraced.

He picks up the glass.

Spectator: Stop!! You've already lost! Stop it!!

Ignoring the spectator, he downs the drink in a shot.
Dec 28, 2008
Hamlet...965 viewsKara: Hamlet... Why are you looking me so sad? Like if we were going to separate soon. A-a-a-ah! Hamlet! Hamlet!

Will: Hamlet... Why?

Erik: Poor Hamlet... To eat or not to eat?

A familiar voice sounded in their heads: Listen you all. Hamlet wanted to become food for all this people. A pig can save many villagers...
Dec 28, 2008
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