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713 shikimeWill: Is this the Incan Gold Ship!?

- Hey, look, the King has come back! But he's a lot shorter!
- It's the King! He's safe!

Will: Am I the King???
31 Maj 2007
To the drift826 shikimeWill and Kara in the raft scene.

Kara: The stars are precious... If I was higher I could touch them. I'm sure Lilly and Lance are also looking this starred sky... If I could talk with the stars I would know where they are...

It seems to be one more star near from the Cygnus constellation. Yes, that red star. Should we request a wish to the star? I have a feeling that it will become reality. Will, close your eyes.

Will: I request for the security of everyone, and for my father...
30 Maj 2007
Slap!882 shikimeThank you for showine me that so impressive fall to me. I'll give you something...30 Maj 2007
Moon Tribe in the Desert676 shikimeWhat are they doing here? Are they following me?30 Maj 2007
Rebirth of a Hero812 shikimeWill transforms his soul into a silent and deadly swordsman. First chance to play as Freedan instead of Will.30 Maj 2007
Ku, Ku, Ku...739 shikimeThe mystery of the Tribe of Moon. Music was shivering. 30 Maj 2007
Edward's Castle750 shikimeA landscape view from Edward's Castle.30 Maj 2007
Enigmatic Savior1390 shikimeA rendition of Ark outfitted in his Hero's Armor. Though not based on what may be what Enix envisioned, this is more of a fan's idea of what the armor would look like. With him, he's carrying another rendition of the Hero's Pike.06 Maj 2007
Jason Tandro561 shikimeThis is just a cool shot of me, and is my Facebook Profile Picture.01 Maj 2007
Jason Tandro's Senior Pic593 shikimeLow quality pic of me in my formal get-up. Well the picture takers formal get-up....01 Maj 2007
Terra Earth Adventures442 shikimeThe fanfiction that started it all. My first fanfiction and the one that will go down in TE: History as the most memorable. Originally designed as a challenge to max out the post character maximum, it become one of my most beloved posts of all time.01 Maj 2007
Terra Earth Mysteries383 shikimeMy second, and least favorite, fan fiction. It turns Boxxle and eFlare into a Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson type people. Good for a one time read.01 Maj 2007
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