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Št. ogledov:713Will: Is this the Incan Gold Ship!?

- Hey, look, the King has come back! But he's a lot shorter!
- It's the King! He's safe!

Will: Am I the King???
To the driftŠt. ogledov:826Will and Kara in the raft scene.

Kara: The stars are precious... If I was higher I could touch them. I'm sure Lilly and Lance are also looking this starred sky... If I could talk with the stars I would know where they are...

It seems to be one more star near from the Cygnus constellation. Yes, that red star. Should we request a wish to the star? I have a feeling that it will become reality. Will, close your eyes.

Will: I request for the security of everyone, and for my father...
Slap!Št. ogledov:882Thank you for showine me that so impressive fall to me. I'll give you something...30.05.2007
Moon Tribe in the DesertŠt. ogledov:676What are they doing here? Are they following me?30.05.2007
Rebirth of a HeroŠt. ogledov:812Will transforms his soul into a silent and deadly swordsman. First chance to play as Freedan instead of Will.30.05.2007
Ku, Ku, Ku...Št. ogledov:739The mystery of the Tribe of Moon. Music was shivering. 30.05.2007
Edward's CastleŠt. ogledov:750A landscape view from Edward's Castle.30.05.2007
Enigmatic SaviorŠt. ogledov:1390A rendition of Ark outfitted in his Hero's Armor. Though not based on what may be what Enix envisioned, this is more of a fan's idea of what the armor would look like. With him, he's carrying another rendition of the Hero's Pike.06.05.2007
Jason TandroŠt. ogledov:561This is just a cool shot of me, and is my Facebook Profile Picture.01.05.2007
Jason Tandro's Senior PicŠt. ogledov:593Low quality pic of me in my formal get-up. Well the picture takers formal get-up....01.05.2007
Terra Earth AdventuresŠt. ogledov:442The fanfiction that started it all. My first fanfiction and the one that will go down in TE: History as the most memorable. Originally designed as a challenge to max out the post character maximum, it become one of my most beloved posts of all time.01.05.2007
Terra Earth MysteriesŠt. ogledov:383My second, and least favorite, fan fiction. It turns Boxxle and eFlare into a Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson type people. Good for a one time read.01.05.2007
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