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Последние добавления - TerraEarth
south cape 3DПросмотров: 920weeeeeeeeeАпр 13, 2013
South Cape 3d Almost finishedПросмотров: 817South Cape 3d Almost finishedФев 28, 2013
Просмотров: 820Окт 31, 2010
Fire WhispПросмотров: 557I and other people try to make a 3D game of Terranigma.
Sorry for my bat English.
Янв 01, 2010
Pupila (blue)Просмотров: 809I and other people try to make a 3D game of Terranigma.
Sorry for my bat English.
Янв 01, 2010
The Blue WarriorПросмотров: 673This is the origin of my avatar. I honestly don't know who drew it, I just know that it's awesome.Апр 01, 2009
Work In Progress: My Personal CharacterПросмотров: 736this is a pic of my personal character, it's still a bit lacking in detail but it is a work in progress, comments are welcome

if anyone wants to see the original sketch, just let me know and i'll upload it, you might see more work by me at later dates
Март 30, 2009
A Place To RestПросмотров: 551A Place To Rest from TerranigmaФев 22, 2009
Beruga's Lab.midПросмотров: 389Beruga's Lab from TerranigmaФев 22, 2009
Contest.midПросмотров: 422Contest theme from TerranigmaФев 22, 2009
Crysta.midПросмотров: 423Crysta theme from TerranigmaФев 22, 2009
SyntesisПросмотров: 916Well, should look pretty known, but isn't the same place at all... you should also see new Textbox-Desing, but you will be able to change it while ingame, if you like the older one much better...Окт 27, 2008
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