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Search results - "tenchisouzou"
The Tenchisouzou Famicom box231 viewsThe Japanese famicom box for the game.
Tenchisouzou CD Promo Poster250 viewsA poster I have in my collection. It was bought on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Apparently, this was a promo from KITTY that you could send away for when you bought the official soundtrack.
Tenchisouzou Japanese Promo Poster296 viewsThis is a japanese promo poster that you would win if you sent away for it in a small paper you would fill out included with the japanese Tenchisouzou CD made by KITTY.

It cost around 3000yen (I think that's around $30 US, not including all the shipping/international fees, since I bought it on yahoo japan auctions, where most of my collection was bought, besides ebay.)
My Tenchisouzou/Gaia Gensouki Collection - Aug 09352 viewsTerranigma SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Time SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Gaia SNES (US release)
Gaia Gensouki Famicom (includes manual)
Tenchisouzou Famicom (includes manual)
Illusion of Time Le Guide de L' Explorateur - Official Nintendo Explorer Guide
Terranigma Le Guide Officiel Nintendo Guide (included with game)
Nintendo Power Issue #65 (Illusion of Gaia cover story)
Tenchisouzou World Atlas (Japanese)
Tenchisouzou Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook
Gaia Gensouki Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook
Tenchisouzou Japanese CD Soundtrack [front]248 viewsThe front of the official soundtrack for the game, complete with obi [sash on left]. This CD is now extremely rare and very expensive to find new and sealed.
Tenchisouzou Japanese CD Soundtrack [back]354 viewsThe back of the CD Soundtrack.
Tenchisouzou Ark Fanart439 viewsFound on a japanese fansite [that I forgot the link for and the artist's name of course ;_;]
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