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Cute Terranigma Fanart - Ark & Elle390 viewsFound on a japanese fansite, although I forgot the author and the site itself.
Securityrobot373 viewsI build as a project in my education as 3D designer the Securityrobot from terranigma.
At the moment it is not finished.
This I used renderman to render this pics.
Whisp366 viewsI thing you already know the enemy from Terranigma. The Whisp.
A little exercise that I draw, because i have to learn it for my education.
Terra Earth Mysteries363 viewsMy second, and least favorite, fan fiction. It turns Boxxle and eFlare into a Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson type people. Good for a one time read.
Tenchisouzou Japanese CD Soundtrack [back]360 viewsThe back of the CD Soundtrack.
My Tenchisouzou/Gaia Gensouki Collection - Aug 09358 viewsTerranigma SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Time SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Gaia SNES (US release)
Gaia Gensouki Famicom (includes manual)
Tenchisouzou Famicom (includes manual)
Illusion of Time Le Guide de L' Explorateur - Official Nintendo Explorer Guide
Terranigma Le Guide Officiel Nintendo Guide (included with game)
Nintendo Power Issue #65 (Illusion of Gaia cover story)
Tenchisouzou World Atlas (Japanese)
Tenchisouzou Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook
Gaia Gensouki Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook
Terra Earth Soap Operas358 viewsMy most random story, where we all assume soap operatic roles and the storyline steadily becomes more ridiculuous.
Crysta.mid353 viewsCrysta theme from Terranigma
Contest.mid350 viewsContest theme from Terranigma
Kind Edward's castle347 views[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
If this is your image, claim ownership by sending a PM to eFlare
SoulBlazerFan347 viewsSoulBlazerFan as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute.
Terra Earth Christmas Carol347 viewsThe end result of trying to write a Christmas story about a crazy bunch of peoples like us.
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