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Nintendo Power Super Power Club "Soul Blazer" Card281 viewsA promo card from Nintendo Power. It's a collector's edition card that I have yet to add to my collection.
Picture of me - 09280 viewsTaken with my new webcam, after my actual camera decided it didn't want to take a picture that was actually bright enough to see. :3
Axe Kazama278 viewsAxe Kazama as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute.
Coz255 viewsCoz, as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute
Tenchisouzou CD Promo Poster254 viewsA poster I have in my collection. It was bought on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Apparently, this was a promo from KITTY that you could send away for when you bought the official soundtrack.
Tenchisouzou Japanese CD Soundtrack [front]254 viewsThe front of the official soundtrack for the game, complete with obi [sash on left]. This CD is now extremely rare and very expensive to find new and sealed.
Rare Gaia Gensouki Japanese Postcard247 viewsThis is the only picture i've managed to find of this item. Apparently, it was included as an Omake [extra] in a japanese gaming magazine. I haven't been able to find it anywhere [including Yahoo Japan Auctions, Ebay, etc.] Which makes it super rare.
Chicken246 viewsChicken, as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute.
The Soul Blader Famicom Game245 viewsBooklet, game cartridge, and box.
The Soul Blader CD Soundtrack [back]239 viewsThe back of the official soundtrack for the game.
Gaia Gensouki Booklet Cover238 viewsA scan of the original famicom booklet from "Gaia Gensouki" that I took from my own copy of the game.
Soul Blader Japanese Phone Card238 viewsA Soul Blader Japanese phone collector's card, by Enix.
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