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Will717 viewsProbably playing the wind melody...
Illusion of Gaia box art715 views[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
If this is your image, claim ownership by sending a PM to eFlare
Illusion of Gaia boxart709 viewsThis is the Illusion of Gaia box
INN696 viewsHeres some picture of an INN, i think the Light-Effects will be changed...
694 viewsWill: Is this the Incan Gold Ship!?

- Hey, look, the King has come back! But he's a lot shorter!
- It's the King! He's safe!

Will: Am I the King???
3d art of the pendora box684 viewsSomething i made from a request i got, and i also thought it would be funny to recreate the Pendoras box room.

You can see the video at my youtube channel
Yomi Yomi!!!664 viewsDark Yomi and Light Yomi looking each other : D
Just a draw i just did when discovered that there is a scanner here xd
Moon Tribe in the Desert658 viewsWhat are they doing here? Are they following me?
Pupila (blue)649 viewsI and other people try to make a 3D game of Terranigma.
Sorry for my bat English.
Terranigma 2 - KS Screen647 viewsThis is the Screen I made first when I got the KS working...
Hamlet...639 viewsKara: Hamlet... Why are you looking me so sad? Like if we were going to separate soon. A-a-a-ah! Hamlet! Hamlet!

Will: Hamlet... Why?

Erik: Poor Hamlet... To eat or not to eat?

A familiar voice sounded in their heads: Listen you all. Hamlet wanted to become food for all this people. A pig can save many villagers...
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