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Največ ogledov
3D Ghost ShipŠt. ogledov:564A 3D remake of the 3rd Boss of Soul Blazer.
Give me feed-back on how you appreciate it ^^
HuballŠt. ogledov:561[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
If this is your image, claim ownership by sending a PM to eFlare
Work In Progress: My Personal CharacterŠt. ogledov:561this is a pic of my personal character, it's still a bit lacking in detail but it is a work in progress, comments are welcome

if anyone wants to see the original sketch, just let me know and i'll upload it, you might see more work by me at later dates
DDR PictureŠt. ogledov:560Me AAAing Irresistblement Heavy a year ago...
Soul Blazer title screenŠt. ogledov:556This is the title screen of Soul Blazer
Magic-Screen 2Št. ogledov:553So, second spell, a fireball.
Gaia Gensouki "Perfect Guide Book" (Inside Front Page)Št. ogledov:549The very rare Gaia Gensouki "Perfect Book" I found this little gem on ebay. I won the bid for $.99 ($7 SH, but still a pretty awesome deal.)

It's a rare and out of print Japanese Illusion Of Gaia Guidebook. I already have the Gaia Gensouki Perfect Guide (also in Japanese), so this is a wonderful addition to my collection. :)
The CadetŠt. ogledov:548I hope you like it.
I try to draw the Cadet
Sorry for my bat English.
Ocean PalaceŠt. ogledov:546[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
If this is your image, claim ownership by sending a PM to eFlare
Dark gaia day 1 3DŠt. ogledov:544Well my first day creating more 3d stuff, but this time its illusion of gaia.

Still alot of work to do, but not bad for a first day
Jason Tandro's Senior PicŠt. ogledov:544Low quality pic of me in my formal get-up. Well the picture takers formal get-up....
Me pixel form!Št. ogledov:543
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