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Top rated
The Cadet625 viewsI hope you like it.
I try to draw the Cadet
Sorry for my bat English.

(3 votes)
Nintendo Power Super Power Club "Soul Blazer" Card312 viewsA promo card from Nintendo Power. It's a collector's edition card that I have yet to add to my collection.
(3 votes)
Securityrobot323 viewsI build as a project in my education as 3D designer the Securityrobot from terranigma.
At the moment it is not finished.
This I used renderman to render this pics.

(2 votes)
Gaia Gensouki "Perfect Guide Book" (Inside Front Page)629 viewsThe very rare Gaia Gensouki "Perfect Book" I found this little gem on ebay. I won the bid for $.99 ($7 SH, but still a pretty awesome deal.)

It's a rare and out of print Japanese Illusion Of Gaia Guidebook. I already have the Gaia Gensouki Perfect Guide (also in Japanese), so this is a wonderful addition to my collection. :)

(2 votes)
Pupila (blue)706 viewsI and other people try to make a 3D game of Terranigma.
Sorry for my bat English.

(2 votes)
Deathpit433 viewsDeathpit as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute.
(2 votes)
Rainichan355 viewsRainichan as depicted in TerraEarth: Absolute.
(2 votes)
My Tenchisouzou/Gaia Gensouki Collection - Aug 09397 viewsTerranigma SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Time SUPER NES (PAL, French)
Illusion of Gaia SNES (US release)
Gaia Gensouki Famicom (includes manual)
Tenchisouzou Famicom (includes manual)
Illusion of Time Le Guide de L' Explorateur - Official Nintendo Explorer Guide
Terranigma Le Guide Officiel Nintendo Guide (included with game)
Nintendo Power Issue #65 (Illusion of Gaia cover story)
Tenchisouzou World Atlas (Japanese)
Tenchisouzou Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook
Gaia Gensouki Koshiki Nintendo Guidebook

(2 votes)
Gaia Gensouki Official Japanese Guide Book327 viewsThe japanese Koshiki (Official) Guidebook by ASCII.
(2 votes)
Soul Blader Japanese "Challenge Book"252 viewsFound on Yahoo Japan auctions, this is a picture of the "Challenge Book" meant to accompany the Soul Blader game. It looks quite heavy!
(2 votes)
Gaia Gensouki Booklet Cover263 viewsA scan of the original famicom booklet from "Gaia Gensouki" that I took from my own copy of the game.
(2 votes)
Japanese Gaia Gensouki fanart 238 viewsJapanese Gaia Gensouki fanart I found on a japanese site. I'm not sure who the artist was.
(2 votes)
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