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To the drift閲覧回数 873Will and Kara in the raft scene.

Kara: The stars are precious... If I was higher I could touch them. I'm sure Lilly and Lance are also looking this starred sky... If I could talk with the stars I would know where they are...

It seems to be one more star near from the Cygnus constellation. Yes, that red star. Should we request a wish to the star? I have a feeling that it will become reality. Will, close your eyes.

Will: I request for the security of everyone, and for my father...

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Rebirth of a Hero閲覧回数 862Will transforms his soul into a silent and deadly swordsman. First chance to play as Freedan instead of Will.
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Contest.mid閲覧回数 400Contest theme from Terranigma
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Beruga Concept閲覧回数 974Preliminary sketches by Kamui Fujiwara.

Maybe he would have been cool as an evil butler...

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The Nintendo Power Illusion of Gaia Pack閲覧回数 350Can be found on ebay, but might be expensive. It comes with a collector's T-shirt and a copy of the game.
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Before閲覧回数 439
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Terranigma 2: title screen閲覧回数 914[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
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Animal resurection閲覧回数 1023
( 投票数 5 )
Illusion of Gaia - Comet of Ages Part 2閲覧回数 1356From the Instruction book.
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Russian Glass閲覧回数 717Oponent: No... I am the champion. I will not be disgraced.

He picks up the glass.

Spectator: Stop!! You've already lost! Stop it!!

Ignoring the spectator, he downs the drink in a shot.

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Jason Tandro's Senior Pic閲覧回数 634Low quality pic of me in my formal get-up. Well the picture takers formal get-up....
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Itori village閲覧回数 527[Automatic restore from previous gallery]
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