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Legends of the Moon Tribe/Astaricans
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Postinferiare Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 8:17 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

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It's been a while, hasn't it? Musical inspiration while writing this (on constant repeat): chouwa oto - KOKIA

Maybe someday the explanation for soul words will happen. Maybe.

EDIT: woah, finally breached two pages! Very Happy

"In all my years translating these ancient texts, none have intrigued me as much as the ones with the mention of a word on a soul. I have to wonder if the Astaricans or the Moon Tribe believed it to make that person stronger in whatever way these words were (beloved, protector, courage, strength, wish, etc) put on the soul, or if it was really happening?

It's too bad most of the ruins of these civilizations are gone, I'd love to know more, to see if these legends are plentiful or if they're much more rare." -- N. Hibanni

Near the heart of [Kyulene's Cradle],
two factions were at war.
These factions were from two different villages,
both decending from the {Sun Children}.
It stirred the leaves,
broke the earth,
and boiled the water.

They warred over who should rule the land.
They gave each other no quarter.

For the villagers, the fighting was pointless.
They didn't wish to rule there,
they wished to [live].
<Why must we fight the other village> they cried,
while their village rulers fought with the other.
<Because we have the right to till the lands,
these others do not! We fight for our lands!>
This was the response that the villagers received.
They didn't wish for more [death].

The fighting was intense enough
to rouse the [Changelings]--
those who dwelled in the forest that had been known as
[Kyulene's Cradle]--
they woke and changed into people, visiting the villages.

{Why do you all fight so? Aren't you of the same blood?}
The [Changelings] were confused--
the {Sun Children} had never fought like this,
but something had changed in them over time.
<We fight for our lands to till!>
Came the reply, the self-made lords rattled their spears.

{You do this so close to [The Cradle],
why would you destroy the land you wish to till?
This land is not yours to own, but to share with your kinsmen.}
However, the self-made lords refused their words--

<We do not wish to share with those who
would consort with the [Moon Tribe]!
The other village is a descendant from that union!>
This only furthered the confusion for the [Changelings]--

Wasn't a union like that sought after?
So that the fighting would end?
They sought out their leader, {Kyulene}
in hope to end the conflict.

{Kyulene} rushed to the battleground,
finding the lands that he had made broken and battered.
The village from the North was moving toward the South,
intending to burn it to the ground.
{Kyulene} rushed to stop them, becoming a wolf,
to better run to catch up--

It was then that {Kyulene} saw a girl--
She stood at the entrance to the South village,
spear in hand, with two others next to her,
a boy holding a shield and another holding a makeshift sword.
{Kyulene} was baffled by this. What could they achieve?

It was then that he saw their souls,
a word embedded on them.

The North village approached them, and the self-made lords spoke.
<Who dares to oppose us?
How can you think that one spear,
one shield,
and one shoddy sword
can protect your village? We have killed your lords,
and you shall be no different!>

The girl spoke, leveling the spear at the lord.
<Because we know that even if you defeat us here,
we will live on. You will not break our spirits,
you will only make them swell with [strength]!>

The boy possessing the soul of [strength], holding the shield,
stepped forward and placed himself between the army and the girl.
<We will be the [protector] of our [beloved] home!
There are more of us, and we will not be defeated here!>

Lastly, the boy possessing the soul of [protector] stepped forward,
placing one of his hands over the girl's trembling hand.
<The people here in the village are all our friends.
We will not see them laid low at your hands.>

The girl spoke again, despite how frightened she was--
the strength of her friends gave her more resolve.
<We only wish to share in this land with you,
why have you been deaf to our pleas? You cannot truly
be the lords of this land if you do not listen to those
you are swearing to protect! You do not do this in our name,
but only for yourselves!>

The self-made lords laughed at the three, and advanced,
their strength almost toppling the three with ease.

It was then that {Kyulene} stepped in, rushing toward the group.
He placed himself between the army, the three, and the village gate,
changing himself into an immovable rock.
{You shall go no further,
this village is not yours to take.
What these three have said are true,
and if you cannot share the land then you shall no longer live.}

The self-made lords and their army tried to fight against the rock,
failing to move it and attack the villagers beyond.
{Kyulene} spoke once more, voice booming over them all.
{Do you not recognize your ancestors? They walk among you,
and yet you would spill their blood to fertilize your bloody earth!}

Still the lords fought, trying to fight past {Kyulene}.
Finally, the [Changelings] rose up to fight with their master,
changing into wild beasts to decimate the lords and their army.
{Kyulene} changed back to an Elf, as he had done many years past,
and looked to the group of three who had stepped forward
to protect their home.

{{Sun Children}, you are blessed. The power you have
engraved on your soul will bless you and
your children to come. I will go to the North village,
and tell them that the lords that had warred are no more--
Worry not, for you all shall share the land,
and make it a wonderful place to live,
even for the future.}

Upon speaking these words, {Kyulene} turned into the
[King of Birds] and flew north with his [Changelings],
who all followed suit.

For many years after, the North village and the South village
lived in harmony, sharing the land near [Kyulene's Cradle]
as they had wanted. More lords rose, but they did not forget
the want of their people, and continued to share all of the
wealth of their lands.

Presia firle anw faura,
van futare parge iem...
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