TerraEarth’s Future

Some of you may be wondering, what are the future plans for TerraEarth? Well, I’ve managed to keep it secret for quite some time now, but TerraEarth will eventually be expanding in terms of content. My goal is for TerraEarth to cover all of the games that were dual-created by Enix and Quintet.

We will most likely be covering Act Raiser next, then probably Robotrek. Please note that coverage for these games will not be any time soon, so please be patient. Our staff, including myself, is quite burnt out with the creation of the new design and overhaul of the current content, so expect these new game sections to be appearing sometime late next year.

Don’t worry though, TerraEarth’s main focus is still a Soul Blazer trilogy site. Also, expect some minor tweaks and bug-fixes to TerraEarth’s design happening soon.