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Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 by boxxleman

Want the latest updates to TerraEarth? Then like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! You will receive the latest updates concerning the TerraEarth website and the TerraEarth Comic.

New Content

Monday, May 23rd, 2011 by boxxleman

There are two new additions to TerraEarth, the Soundtracks and Emulation pages. The Soundtracks page contains the full soundtracks to Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma and are available for direct download. The Emulation page lets users play Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma on their computer. And finally, for all the TerraEarth Comic fans out there, the next comic will be released June 1st.

TerraEarth Comic

Sunday, May 1st, 2011 by boxxleman

Today is a special day for TerraEarth because the TerraEarth Comic is finally here! To clarify, the comic will be separated into Episodes and Acts. An Episode is the current storyline that is being told, while the Act serves as a part of the Episode. The first comic is in the first Episode called Origins. The first Act within the first Episode is called And So It Begins. Special thanks to our staff member eFlare for programming the comic website, and our artist sora-mage for making the comic possible.