This page is dedicated to persevering the history of TerraEarth. TerraEarth has been around for more than 10 years and on October 19, 2010 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

On this page you will find history covering our ten years of existence, divided up into four periods:

2009 to Present Day:

With TerraEarth due for a major update to bring it up to par with today’s standards, we decided to do just that. Now TerraEarth has it’s third major design change since birth and we can surely say it’s the best one yet. Packed with even more information than before about our favorite games, including some TerraEarth exclusives.

Our approach for the third version was making the information even more accessible and easy to find. In addition to the basic info, all game characters, bosses, and the like have their own in-depth pages. These pages include more even information about the specific character (or boss, or town, etc…).

Nearly every page is equipped with a commenting feature at the bottom. We encourage you, as a fan, to join the debate on all subjects! Together we can fill in the gaps and discover new facts about these magnificent games! We’ve tied the commenting system to the community forums, so you only need to sign up once for a TerraEarth Community account and you’re good to go on both sides!

2004 to 2009:

To see what TerraEarth’s logo looked like in 2009, click here.

TerraEarth’s legacy continues in an era of somewhat lower interest. The crowd that grew up with the Soul Blazer trilogy has gotten older and deviated it’s attention to other interests. Luckily TerraEarth has established itself as being the number one source of any information regarding Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma and our reputation continues to precede us, even in a time of lower interest.

While a few of the original community members are no longer actively participating, the die hard fans refuse to stay away, and new members keep appearing. The average TerraEarth visitor has changed from casual observer to die hard Soul Blazer fans and enthusiasts. Together with them, we have managed to bring TerraEarth’s content to the next level of quality; continuing to improve the site and providing the best information to all of our visitors.

2002 to 2004:

To see what TerraEarth’s logo looked like in 2004, click here.

On November 29, 2004, boxxleman wrote:

Here it is, more than two years after the last site history I sit here today writing another history update. TerraEarth has gone through a lot since it made it’s first appearance on the web more than four years ago. It’s had its ups and downs, like all websites do. But right now I would have to say it’s at the peak of its existence.

Since the last history was written, we moved servers many times causing the forums to fall. We didn’t get a chance to back anything up because the last web host we were at were jerks and didn’t warn us they were shutting down. There are now even newer forums on TerraEarth which I think are better. The main change of events TerraEarth went through is the complete remodeling of the site. With a new easy to navigate system I developed many TerraEarth visitors find it much more user-friendly to browse the site and find what they’re looking for. I deleted the frames on the site for quicker loading times and making it more compatible with most browsers. There are plenty of extra added pages in each game section as well. Hopefully the TerraEarth legacy will be able to live for many years to come, educating people what great games these were.

Having them released on newer systems as remakes one day would be a dream come true for most fans of the series. TerraEarth was made to help SquareEnix to do just that, and hopefully one day that dream will come true.

2000 to 2002:

To see what TerraEarth’s logo looked like in 2002, click here.

On September 22, 2002, boxxleman wrote:

So, you want to know a little bit about TerraEarth’s background, don’t you? Well, to tell you the truth, when TerraEarth was first created, it was one of those so called “cheap” sites. Not cheap money wise, but the messy and sloppy kind of cheap. Our first server was homestead; yes HOMESTEAD, when it was free of course. We didn’t really know any HTML when we first started the site off, so it was very plain with a few custom graphics here and there. The site didn’t have frames either when it was on homestead.

After about a year passed, we learned some HTML and got a .com domain name. We published the new design, and everyone seemed to like it. The site was much neater and cleaner now, but still something wasn’t right. There had to be something ’special’ added to the site. Of course, we thought, forums! That would defiantly attract visitors to TerraEarth! So, we got some Pro Boards up and running and added them to TerraEarth. Months passed by, and yes, there was a huge increase in the amount of visitors coming to TerraEarth everyday. When it was on the homestead server, we got somewhere around 50 hits a day, and now we got 200+ hits a day! Well, that wasn’t good enough.

After another year passed us by, we decided that we needed more hits! So, what did we do? Well, we decided to give TerraEarth a little so called ‘upgrade’. Really not change the design that much, since it was pretty good, but just make a few minor adjustments. So, we got to work again. We worked our tails off for 3 whole weeks, and came up with this design. We also added a lot more features to the site, the most popular being the TerraEarth radio…many people seem to just love it! New forums were installed into the TerraEarth forums, too. No more annoying pop-up ads that everyone hates, and you can finally post without having to close every pop-up that appears. The site also has new graphics. Better than the previous ones, and MUCH better than the graphics when TerraEarth was hosted on Homestead.

Well, that’s pretty much it for the site history. You now know a little bit more about TerraEarth…perhaps more than you should know! Now for some final notes, the original and 2nd form of TerraEarth (including all site content) was created by RPGlunatic. This final (or possibly not final) design upgrade was created by boxxleman. Original TerraEarth created October 19, 2000. Design upgrade finished September 22, 2002. Now go…enjoy the best Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma site on the entire web!