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Here is some information for the staff member tay120n64.


Alias: tay120n64
Name: Taylor Webb
Role: Forum Moderator, Content Editor, Site Diplomacy
Contact:  Please contact me using the TerraEarth Forums.


tay120n64 joined the site in the summer of 2007 whilst perusing the internet for information on Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Though he had never taken interest in forum communities before, he soon found a “second home” of sorts in the TerraEarth community.

In 2009, tay120n64 was given the opportunity to assist in the editing of a new design for TerraEarth. Though he mainly contributed to re-working the Soul Blazer section, he continues to help in the content editing of the overall site. In addition to editing the site, tay120n64 also set up TerraEarth’s Official Facebook page and TerraEarth: Facebook Chapter; a meeting grounds on Facebook for forum members only. In 2010, tay120n64 was promoted to Forum Moderator. Currently, tay120n64 handles relationships with TerraEarth’s affiliated websites.