Staff Life

March 15th, 2012 by boxxleman

How’s everyone doing? If you live anywhere close to me, you’re probably outside enjoying the wonderful spring weather right now (not to make anyone jealous or anything). I know some of you have been probably wondering “where has boxxleman and eFlare been lately?”, so here is my attempt to help clear things up for all of you.

Around June of 2011, eFlare and myself started to develop a huge project called Sokoban Online. It’s an online version of the classic game Sokoban, with tons of new features and game elements. All of our attention (with exception to our social lives outside of the internet world) has been focused on the development of this game. We have been super excited to see the feedback we’ve been getting on the game so far, so if you have the time, you should check it out. If you are a lover of old school puzzle games, then this should be something for you.

We’d also like to let everyone know that TerraEarth has by no means “frozen over”. From here on out, any new content is solely dependent on the members and visitors of TerraEarth. So that means, if you want to see new updates, send us your stuff so we can put it up on the website.

Finally, I’d like to mention that in order for the continued populairty of the world’s best Soul Blazer trilogy website, please like us on Facebook. We’re going to be having a small contest soon and the winner will receive a free TerraEarth t-shirt. More details will be announced soon concerning that. Have a nice weekend!

Terranigma Rumors

October 29th, 2011 by boxxleman

We have recently recieved some new Terranigma Rumors sent into us from De Narm, so you might want to check that out. Remember, if you have any Trilogy content that you think could be a nice addition to TerraEarth, please contact us. Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

TerraEarth Store

June 15th, 2011 by eFlare

For those of you who want to look cool in some TerraEarth gear, the TerraEarth Store is back! Slap a TerraEarth logo on your body or be the coolest guy in the office with Ark on your coffee mug. A nice way to support TerraEarth, as the profits of this store all get invested back in to TerraEarth, such as paying for the hosting.

More products will come but, of course we can’t put official artwork and logos on stuff so, we’re working on new artwork made from scratch. If you want to contribute, surely you can! Send boxxleman or me a message and we’ll surely figure something out.

Come on and check out the TerraEarth Store!

Bigger is Better

June 7th, 2011 by boxxleman

Some of you may have wondered why TerraEarth has always been so “small” in width. It was especially noticeable on higher resolution screens. Well, we decided to fix that. TerraEarth now sits at around 960 pixels in width, over 150 pixels larger! Hopefully this will help people who have large resolutions navigate the site better.

New Comic

June 1st, 2011 by boxxleman

It’s here! The second TerraEarth Comic has been released today. Please show your support of the comic by leaving us feedback on the comic page. If you would like to talk about the TerraEarth Comic, please visit the comic’s forum. Also, the first comic has been tweaked a little bit. Some of the graphics are more clear now.