There are many rumors in the game of Terranigma. Listed below are just a few of them. If you have any interesting rumors to add, please contact our staff.


When you go to the bar in NeoTokio you’ll meet some girl saying something about BABY. Many people believe that it is some sort of button-combo to press, but it probably does nothing.

Bermuda Triangle Resurrection?

It is said that you can resurrect the Bermuda triangle, but this is most likely not true. They probably meant Beruga in some way, but messed up with the translation.

Let Me Land!

When you fly over South Afrika, it gives the names of the two sections as Kalahari and Capetown. It seems that there is no possible way to get here. There is also nothing really special about the way it looks (apart from the three trees). There are no ports and no airfield strips, no caves joining them and no flight paths from gulls. South Cape is the place you begin in Illusion of Gaia, and South Cape is located in South Afrika (as is Capetown). Enix probably just wanted to make a link between the two games.

Secret Door

In Dragoon castle, when you try to escape with Elle and Meilin, there is a small side path heading off to the right. It looks like there could be a secret door in the middle of the wall. It also looks like you could knock the wall down with the Speed Shoes, but you can’t. What’s even more intriguing is that Meilin’s reaction indicates that there is probably a door there.

Still Talking to Animals

Is there any reason that you can talk to the squirrels south of Liotto when you’re supposed to not be able to communicate with plants or animals anymore…?