Bigger is Better

Some of you may have wondered why TerraEarth has always been so “small” in width. It was especially noticeable on higher resolution screens. Well, we decided to fix that. TerraEarth now sits at around 960 pixels in width, over 150 pixels larger! Hopefully this will help people who have large resolutions navigate the site better.

4 comments to “Bigger is Better”

  1. Binarynova says:

    Looks great! :D

  2. inferiare says:

    I think the only problem right now with it is this. That’s how it looks on my computer screen. Just so you know :D I don’t know how it looks on other screens, but hope that helps. My resolution is something crazy too (1920 x 1080). Dunno if there’s some new swanky html (or whatever kids are calling it these days :P ) to get it to conform to width, but hey.

    • boxxleman says:

      What browser are you using? Shows up fine on all major browsers for me – IE, Chrome, FireFox and Safari. Try clearing your catch and refreshing the page. :)

    • boxxleman says:

      Ah, it looks as if your background image didn’t update, while the rest of the site did. Try doing what I mentioned before, clearing out your history and cache and such, and it will look fine. :)