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Solid Arm

Here is some strategy to help you defeat Solid Arm.

HP: 40

[Video walkthough coming soon!]


Solid Arm is the remnant of an ancient demon, and the true form of Jeweler Gem. It was he who started the slave trade and brought despair to hundreds of lives. Solid Arm is easily the most challenging boss in the game, and lies at the end of a rather dangerous dungeon with no Dark Spaces to heal in. Solid Arm only has two attacks: “fireball” and “swipe”. He will only swipe you when you are on the upper area next to him, but he will shoot fireballs anytime you stand across the room or are directly below him. If you have played Soul Blazer, you may remember a boss called Metal Mantis. The strategy here can be essentially the same, however since Will has a more flexible move-set, there are now three main strategies for defeating him:

Method 1 (The Soul Blazer Method):
Lure him towards the middle, then run up one side and attack twice. Before he can swipe at you, run back down the slope and towards the other side, being careful not to get too far ahead of Solid Arm, or he will shoot fireballs at you.

Method 2 (The Psycho Method):
Run up to the top level next to Solid Arm and use the Psycho Slider ability, making sure to be close enough to him that you will slide all the way past him. Slide back and forth so he can’t swipe you.

Method 3 (The Jump Attack Method):
Position yourself directly below Solid Arm on either side and use the Jump Attack (Forward+Attack) continuously. Solid Arm will continuously shoot fireballs at you, but as long as you keep Jump Attacking, none of them will hit you, and Solid Arm will be defeated in less than a minute.