There are many secrets in the game of Illusion of Gaia. Listed below are just a few of them. If you have any interesting secrets to add, please contact our staff.

 Trash Picking

When you are in Freejia, make sure you check all the trash cans in the back alley. They contain some nice prizes including an Herb and an HP Jewel!

 Waiting in Line

In the city of Euro, there is a slow-moving line of people entering and exiting a building on the southern end of town. Talking to these people reveals that the store carries some rather interesting potions. To get inside and see for yourself, just stand in line! It may take some time for the line to move all the way, but you can eventually make it inside. The potions available are the Life Potion and Dark Potion. The Life Potion raises your HP by 1, whereas the Dark Potion gives Freedan’s Dark Friar the ability to split into four!* And even better, since you are friends with Neil, both Potions are completely free!

* Will have no effect if the reward for 30 Red Jewels has already been given obtained.