In the course of the game you play as Will by default. He is granted the power to morph into two other great characters by Gaia: Freedan and Shadow.

Common Moves:

The following moves are shared by Will, Freedan and Shadow.


Strike at an enemy, switch or anything.

How to:
Press the A button.


Run to travel faster or to jump a slope.

How to:
Tap a direction on the directional pad twice to start running.


Make a solid stance and block incoming projectiles. You can also use the power of telekinesis to draw objects towards you, such as small items and statues.

How to:
Press and hold either L or R.

Character Exclusive Moves:

Depending on what character you are at any given time in the game, you are able to preform different moves. Check out the separate pages for Will, Freedan and Shadow to see what moves they have and how to use them: