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Shadow’s Moves

Here is a list of all the moves the character Shadow can perform.

In addition to the common moves for all characters, Freedan has 3 exclusive moves, which you can not preform as Will or Freedan.

Find out more about Shadow, on his character page.


Illusion of Gaia - Moves - Shadow - LiquifyShadow can change into a liquid from. In this liquid from Shadow is not harmed by any enemy attacks. In some locations, Shadow can sink through the floor in liquid form, in order to reach otherwise impossible locations.

How to:
Equip the Aura Sphere, given to you by Gaia, and press B to use it and transform into a liquid.

Shadow will learn this in the Pyramid.

Fire Bird:

Illusion of Gaia - Moves - Shadow - Fire birdThis is a special attack that Shadow can only use in the final battle. Shadow sends out a fire bird when attacking. The fire bird does damage to anything it hits.

How to:
In the final battle, simply press A, like a normal attack

Shadow will learn this in the Tower of Babel.

That’s all the moves for Shadow. Be sure to check out Will and Freedan’s!