Secret Stage

Here you will find information about the secret stage, Jeweler’s Mansion, which is unlocked once all 50 red jewels have been obtained and brought to Gem the Jeweler.

This stage is arguably the most difficult stage in the game, despite it being only one room. The enemies you encounter are stronger and fiercer versions of the enemies from the Diamond Mine, so any strategies you had there can effectively be implemented here. However, you will not receive a Level-Up Jewel for clearing the room’s enemies, so in order to conserve energy for the boss, you may want to avoid fighting altogether. There are no Dark Spaces here, so have plenty of herbs on hand!

 Tip #1

Psycho Slider and Spin Dash are both extremely useful for making it past the enemies in this stage. Spin Dash, especially, can deal a fair amount of damage whilst keeping you invulnerable to attack.

 Tip #2

The final herb in the game is held inside this treasure chest, north-east of the staircase. Be sure to pick it up if you are low on herbs!

 Tip #3

This spot may look inconspicuous, but it is, in fact, a pathway for Psycho Slider! It is also the only way to proceed, so be sure not to overlook it!

 Tip #4

The guardian of Jeweler’s Mansion lurks within the next room, so if you are in need of healing before the battle starts, now is the time!

 Tip #5

Solid Arm is incredibly tough, and it is unwise to attack him head-on. For a detailed guide on how best to defeat him, click here.

 Tip #6

Once Solid Arm is slain, he will tell you of another warrior from long ago that he did battle with. Following this, you will be transported back to Dao and Gem the Jeweler will have disappeared from the world forever. Unfortunately, you do not receive anything for completing Jeweler’s Mansion and beating Solid Arm. The reward here is, quite simply, the challenge itself!