Red Jewels

There are 50 red jewels located throughout Illusion of Gaia. Collecting all 50 will grant you access to the secret stage, Jeweler’s Mansion.

 Red Jewel #1

South Cape: Search the left side of the bell tower on top of Will’s school.

 Red Jewel #2

South Cape: Search a pot in Lance’s basement.

 Red Jewel #3

South Cape: Keep going in and out of the seaside cave until you see a fisherman just below the cave. Search the pot next to him to find the jewel.

 Red Jewel #4

Edward’s Castle: After you talk to Kara in the castle, go down to the first floor and talk to a guard hidden behind a pillar on the east side.

 Red Jewel #5

Edward’s Prison: In the prison, there is a rusted switch that you can’t open. Climb up on the ledge above the switch and jump down on it. This opens up a door that leads to a treasure chest containing a jewel.

 Red Jewel #6

Edward’s Prison: A treasure chest inside Edward’s Prison.

 Red Jewel #7

Edward’s Prison: After Lilly shows you her human form, search one of the lower barrels in the room.

 Red Jewel #8

Itory Village: Search a pile of logs next to the entrance.

 Red Jewel #9

Incan Ruins: A treasure chest inside the Incan Ruins.

 Red Jewel #10

Golden Ship: After you wake up, go on the deck and talk to Seth BEFORE doing anything else!

 Red Jewel #11

Diamond Coast: Search a jar outside the house where you were rescued, before speaking with Kara, to find a jewel.

 Red Jewel #12

Freejia: Inside a pot on the second floor of the Inn.

 Red Jewel #13

Freejia: On the southeastern side of Freejia, find a place where you can walk on at the flower bed. On the other side, a guy will give you a jewel.

 Red Jewel #14

Freejia: There are some slave traders in Freejia who will give you a red jewel if you tell them where the escaped slave is. Find the escaped slave in the central part of town, and then tell the slave traders where he is.

 Red Jewel #15-17

Diamond Mines: There is a place in the mines where your hair will blow when you are standing by a certain wall. Use the Psycho Dash on the wall to get three jewels. The wall is located close to a Gaia Portal.

 Red Jewel #18-19

Sky Garden: There are two treasure chests in Sky Garden that contain jewels.

 Red Jewel #20-22

Seaside Palace: There are three treasure chests in the Seaside Palace that contain jewels.

 Red Jewel #23

Mu: Located in a chest to the south of the second Temple of Hope.

 Red Jewel #24

Angel Village: Search the fountain in the dance hall to find a jewel.

 Red Jewel #25

Angel Village: In Angel Village dungeon, there is a spot where you will see a small hole to the left of a door. Slide under the hole with Will and get the jewel in the treasure chest.

 Red Jewel #26

Angel Village: Search a pot in the room next to Ishtar’s studio.

 Red Jewel #27

Angel Village: In Ishtar’s third puzzle room there is a chest which contains a jewel.

 Red Jewel #28

Watermia: Search a pot on the west side of Watermia. The pot is located to the left of a man standing on a carpet surrounded by pots.

 Red Jewel #29

Watermia: Go to the gambling hall in Watermia and search a jar on the right side of the room.

 Red Jewel #30

Great Wall: A treasure chest inside the Great Wall.

 Red Jewel #31

Euro: Keep heading west past Rofsky’s and enter a secret alley. Search the wall when you come to a dead end to find a jewel.

 Red Jewel #32

Euro: At Neil’s parent’s house, there is a girl who wants apples. Find a merchant in town who will give you free apples, and keep giving them to the girl (you have to give her about 3 apples). She will give you a jewel as her thanks.

 Red Jewel #33

Euro: In Euro, go as far northeast as you can and search the houses on the left for an alley. Follow this path to a temple, and search the big statue to find a hidden room. Search a barrel to find the jewel.

 Red Jewel #34

Watermia: Return to Watermia from Euro and talk to Lance and Lilly.

 Red Jewel #35

Mountain Temple: A treasure chest in the Mountain Temple.

 Red Jewel #36

Native’s Village: Go into the hut with the three stone girls and search a pot near the bottom of the room.

 Red Jewel #37-40

Angkor Wat: There are four treasure chests in Angkor Wat that contain jewels.

 Red Jewel #41

Native’s Village: After you restore all three stone girls, talk to them and one will give you a jewel.

 Red Jewel #42

Dao: Search the bushes above the two Kruks on the right side of Dao.

 Red Jewel #43-44

Dao: Winning the Snake-panic game will earn you two jewels.

 Red Jewel #45

Pyramid: This can be a very tricky gem to find. In the main chamber, walk as far east as you can without exiting, and then melt into the ground. In this room, search the left pillar to find a jewel.

 Red Jewel #46-49

Pyramid: There are four other treasure chests in the Pyramid that contain jewels.

 Red Jewel #50

Tower of Babel: Search the altar at the tower, between the two gold colored Freedan statues.

Gem the Jeweler’s Rewards:

03 Jewels: Herb
05 Jewels: +1 DEF
08 Jewels: +1 HP
12 Jewels: +1 STR
20 Jewels: Psycho Slider’s strength is increased.
30 Jewels: Dark Friar gains the ability to split in four. *
50 Jewels: Jeweler’s Mansion. **

* Will have no effect if Dark Medicine in Euro has already been used.

** When you speak to Gem with 50 Red Jewels, you will be transported directly to the Mansion, so make sure you’re ready!