There are many rumors in the game of Illusion of Gaia. Listed below are just a few of them. If you have any interesting rumors to add, please contact our staff.

Nana and Sabas

I find this to be interesting. While you are in the Incan Ruins, there is a skeleton, and if you search it you will find some letters from Nana and Sabas. Later, in Watermia, you will find Nana and Sabas and they are waiting for their father to come home!

Psycho Secret?

This is really a strange one. During your trip to the Incan Ruins, you’ll notice a small hole near the entrance. Is it just me, or does it look like you could use Will’s Psycho Slide to enter the hole? The only problem is, you don’t get that skill until Mu, and there is no way to get back. EDIT: It has been proven via cheat devices that you can not Psycho Slide through this hole. Still, it makes you wonder why it’s there, doesn’t it?

Turbo’s Return

After you wash up on the diamond coast, go outside and talk to Kara, who is standing next to a dog. She mentions that the dog’s name is Turbo. Well, for those of you that didn’t know, Turbo is one of the main characters in Soul Blazer. He is a dog that built the town of Greenwood. I just think it’s pretty cool how Enix ties the two games together.

Fire Man!

This is kind of fun to check out. In the city of Freejia, there is a man at the north end of town who will breathe fire at you if you talk to him!

Erik’s Bathroom Problems

This is something weird I noticed playing through the game. There are two spots in the game where Erik has to go to the bathroom. The first time is in the Undersea Tunnel after Mu, and the other is in Euro when he is afraid he won’t be able to find the bathroom!


Talk to one of the merchants in Euro and they won’t let you buy what they’re selling.

Explorer Friezer

This is also something very cool to check out as you are playing the game. In the town of Euro go inside the house where Gem the Jewler is located. There are three explorers inside. The leader, Friezer, is standing in the middle. If you talk to all three, they will tell you about there adventures and what they plan on doing next. Well, later on in the game, when you are at Angkor Wat, you will find some skeleton bones of guess who, explorer Friezer!


I don’t know if this struck anyone else as being strange, but why does it say “Desert” when you walk into the Gambling Bar in Watermia?

Forum member Shiva Indis has this to say:

I have a strong theory now on why the location box in the Watermia gambling house says ‘Desert’. In Japanese, the location name is tobaku-jou, meaning gambling house. I think the translator(s) mistook the ‘tobaku’ part for a different word, ’sabaku’, which means desert. In kana, ’sabaku’ and ‘tobaku’ look kind of similar to each other. さばく (sabaku) – とばく (tobaku). Most unimpressive translating.

Mind Your Manners!

This is a very minor note, but I thought I’d just put it on here. In the town of Euro, if you talk to a merchant behind their table, they will yell at you and tell you to go around to the front. For some reason, one merchant doesn’t get mad at you. Isn’t that strange?