Along your journey, you will encounter many different characters. Listed here are a few of the more prominent characters you will meet.


Ark is a young boy from the underworld town of Crysta. He always seems to get himself into trouble, especially when he explores a room that was forbidden by the elder and freezes everyone in the town of Crysta.


Elle is a close friend of Ark. The game starts with Elle waking Ark up out of bed. Sadly Ark has to leave her to save the world.


This is the wise elder of Crysta who sends Ark out on this journey to the 5 towers. The elder might seem alright at first, but he is not what he seems…


Yomi joins Ark at the beginning of the game and accompanies him throughout his journey. He lives in the box Ark finds at Crysta.


This is the keeper of the five towers in the underworld. He allows you access to the control room so you can restore the people in Crysta.


This wise man lives in the never-changing town of Lhasa and protects Ark.


Meihou has the power of seeing into the future. He is also friends with Kumari and the uncle of Meilin. Later in the game, he becomes the leader of an army that wants to destroy Beruga.


Meilin is the annoying little niece of Meihou. She also has the power to create mirages of whatever she wants.


Keinz measures the economic growth of each town and tells you what needs to be done in order for each town to grow.


Royd is traveling to find the murderer of his friend. He also falls in love with Fyda and sacrifices his life for Ark.


A brave warrior who guards Princess Elle with here life. She also helps Ark out a couple of times during the game.

Princess Elle

She is a princess that looks almost exactly like Elle from Crysta, except for the hair color. After you cure her, she murders King Henri.


He is the explorer that discovered the new continent. When he gets kidnapped by Bloody Mary, it’s up to Ark to save him if you want to travel across the Atlantic.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary was the Queen of Spain, and she went crazy when her three sons died while on Columbus’ ship.


Perel becomes your friend, and he even helps you get into Dragoon Castle by creating a diversion.


Beruga creates a deadly virus, and he also works for Dark Gaia.


Kingbird is the largest and wisest of the birds, therefore he is the king of birds. Once he is released, all birds will resurrect.


Neo is the king of all animals, and once he is released, all mammals will resurrect.


Liem is the son of Neo and has to go through the Canyon to prove his strength. When you help him out a little bit, he’ll return the favor later on.