Below is a list of links that will help make Terranigma a bit more manageable.

[Coming soon, an interactive Terranigma walkthrough made by the TerraEarth staff!]

GameFAQs’ Terranigma FAQs

Looking for a collective synopsis of gameplay and strategies? Click the link above to go straight to GameFAQs’ Terranigma FAQs Section, which has complete Walkthroughs to help your many adventuring needs.

Terranigma Forums

Need some help on a slightly more detailed and specific level? Well, why not hit up our forums, where a large number of dedicated fans can answer virtually any gameplay question you may have!

TerraEarth’s YouTube Channel

Or, why not check out our YouTube Channel, which has Video Walkthroughs and Strategies of Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma as well as periodic information pertaining to our community!