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Located here is some detailed information for Nirlake.

Nirlake is the beautiful settlement in the rustic environment by a grand lake in the new continent. Nirlake has one initial expansion and one resurrection. After Beruga is awakened Nirlake is burned to the ground. The second expansion is a quest to aid the resurrection of the town.

First Expansion:

  • Assist Stoma in Nirlake, with the development of his hamburger.

Second Expansion (The Resurrection):

  • Visit a destroyed Nirlake and obtain 9 letters, which request aid in the resurrection of Nirlake. Travel the world and deliver 9 letters to these people:

    • Bell in Freedom,
    • Cannery owner in Litz,
    • Eddy in Freedom,
    • Marily in Loire,
    • Matis in Loire,
    • Pierre in Loire,
    • Rich in Britian,
    • Will in Nirlake or Freedom,
    • Winemaker in Loire,
    • Cannery owner in Litz.