Town Guide

Loire, Litz, Freedom, Nirlake, and Suncoast are five towns that can expand themselves beyond their original state. In each of these towns you will find Keinz, who measures the economic growth of each town. He will provide you with information both on the current state of affairs and what needs to be done to get the town to the next level.


Loire is the city in Europe named after the longest river in France, the “Loire”. There are two possible expansions for Loire, beyond the initial state.

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Litz is the harbor town in Spain, by the Sylvain Castle. There is only one discovered expansion for Litz, beyond it’s initial state.

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The city named after the basic idea on which the new world was founded. Freedom is the home of invention and has two possible expansions, beyond it’s initial state.

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Nirlake is the beautiful settlement in the rustic environment by a grand lake in the new continent. Nirlake has one initial expansion and one resurrection. After Beruga is awakened Nirlake is burned to the ground. The second expansion is a quest to aid the resurrection of the town.

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Under the wonderful glow of the sun, on the edge of the outback, lies the town of Suncoast. Suncoast has only one expansion, beyond it’s initial state.

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