Ark can use a great variety of special attacks with his spear. This will provide a tutorial for how to use each one, and when they are effective.

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Standard Attack:

A Button

This is your Standard Attack. Tapping A once will have Ark thrust his spear.

Rushing Attack:

Tap A Repeatedly

The Rushing Attack is good against tougher enemies. It deals several strikes and can whittle down the most resilient foe.

Slicer Attack:

Run + A

The Slicer is a good attack against quick enemies. When an enemy is on the run, chase after them and tap A to deliver a swift and devastating piercing attack!

Spinner Attack:

B + A

For flying or floating monsters that you can’t hit without jumping, the Spinner Attack is your answer! Also good if you’re surrounded.

Slider Attack:

Run + B + A

This slightly tricky move is good for short or scattered enemies. Jump into the air and slide straight through them!


R Button

Press R to block attacks in front of you. This is a defensive and often overlooked move. Use it when you need to!