There are 97 Magirocks located throughout Terranigma. Here is a list that will show you where you can acquire each one.

Magirock #01

Tower 1: Second Floor.

Magirock #02

Tower 1: Third Floor.

Magirock #03

Tower 1: Fourth Floor.

Magirock #04

Tower 2: First Floor.

Magirock #05

Tower 2: Second Floor.

Magirock #06

Tower 2: Fourth Floor.

Magirock #07

Tower 3: Down the stairs, northeast corner of Floor 1.

Magirock #08

Tower 3: Third Floor.

Magirock #09

Tower 4: Second Floor.

Magirock #10

Tower 4: First Basement, on the upper level.

Magirock #11

    Tower 4: Third Floor.

Magirock #12

Amazon: Subarea in the south.

Magirock #13

Ra Tree: In the room where you get the Giant Leaves.

Magirock #14

Ra Tree: In the room to the right of the room where you get the Ra Dewdrops, under the last waterfall to the right.

Magirock #15-18

Ra Tree: You get four from the Ra Tree with the Grass Pin.

Magirock #19

GreCliff: After climbing three vines in a straight line (after you get the Roc Spear) keep going north.

Magirock #20

GreCliff: Below the first fall tunnel.

Magirock #21

GreCliff: In the room with bouncing heads.

Magirock #22

GreCliff: Climb up above the second fall tunnel.

Magirock #23

GreCliff: Fall down the third fall tunnel and hold right to land on a platform with a Magirock.

Magirock #24-25

Kingnest: You get two from the Kingbird with the Wind Pin.

Magirock #26

Zue: To the left of the second altar.

Magirock #27

Zue: To the left of the third altar.

Magirock #28

Zue: Riverbed below the fourth altar, before activating the third altar.

Magirock #29

Elkemata: When you first enter, keep walking left.

Magirock #30

Elkemata: Across the lake, at the top of the cliff.

Magirock #31

Elkemata: Inside the cave if you take the right fork at the top of the cliff (See #30).

Magirock #32

Elkemata: After passing through the forest cave, past the now snow filled lake.

Magirock #33

Lhasa: Receive with Bone Pin.

Magirock #34

Gobi: Subarea northeast of Louran.

Magirock #35

Louran: Meilin’s house on the first floor bedroom.

Magirock #36

Louran: East side (top route), house with Light Rod.

Magirock #37

Louran: East side (bottom route), first house.

Magirock #38

Louran: In the basement of the house that Meilin is hiding in (crawl under table).

Magirock #39

Louran: Top floor of Meilin’s hideout.

Magirock #40

Louran: Fenced in part of Square (approach from North side).

Magirock #41

Louran: North side, the closest house to the graveyard.

Magirock #42

Balklands: Sub-area east of Loire.

Magirock #43

Loire Castle: Go east on the first floor, and then north into the kitchen. Take the northeast entrance to the pantry where you will find a Magirock.

Magirock #44

Loire Castle: Put everyone to sleep and then go to the King’s bedroom. Push the gold statue aside and crawl in the hole. Go all the way up to the top room.

Magirock #45

Norfest Forest: After saving Merlin, go south, then circle around to the right in the new area. The Magirock is between some trees in the northeast corner.

Magirock #46

Norfest Forest: Follow the instructions from #45, then head west to the bridge. Keep going north into the new dark area.

Magirock #47

Norfest Forest: Take the lower fork in the screen before the last bridge.

Magirock #48

Loire Castle: (After all the cutscenes) Prize for speed eating.

Magirock #49

Sylvain Castle: Take the east exit from the Chandelier room and then head north. Cross the rope to a platform, then jump to the southeast platform. Cross the rope until you are above the Magirock platform and then jump onto it.

Magirock #50

Sylvain Castle: Royalty chambers, near bed.

Magirock #51

Sylvain Castle: Cross a wooden beam in the sewers heading east.

Magirock #52

Freedom Port: Inside a building.

Magirock #53

Freedom: You recieve a magirock from Bell if you tell the truth about Amanda.

Magirock #54

Freedom: (2nd State) Back room of Stoma’s house.

Magirock #55

Colorado River: On the bridge.

Magirock #56

Sanctuary: Next to Kingbird, once you’ve freed him from Freedom’s black market (in second state).

Magirock #57

South America: Subarea far south of the “stopover”, a prize for getting through the maze quickly.

Magirock #58

Liotto: Back room of Brazilian food shop.

Magirock #59

Liotto: Prize for Cream-a-Cat.

Magirock #60-65

Mermaid’s Tower: You get five with the Water Pin.

Magirock #66

New Zealand: Sub-area.

Magirock #67

Scandia: On an island to the north.

Magirock #68

Litz (Expanded): Upper left corner.

Magirock #69

Litz (Expanded): Craft shop.

Magirock #70

Yunkou: Upper right corner.

Magirock #71

Yunkou: First, give a flower to the girl who doesn’t talk in the Nomad’s camp. Talk to Chija’s parents in Yunkou. Talk to the nomad in Chija’s tent. Then, talk to her parents again in Yunkou to get a Magirock.

Magirock #72

NeoTokyo: The house immediately on the left as you enter the town, on the first floor in the left room.

Magirock #73

NeoTokyo: Underground, left door, a prize for becoming the Noodle King.

Magirock #74

Safarium: The side room in lion’s den, after humans exist, a prize for bopping heads.

Magirock #75

Penginea: First igloo on the left.

Magirock #76

Great Lakes Cavern: In the room you flood, on an island after the room is flooded.

Magirock #77-80

Great Lakes Cavern: You get four with the Horn Pin.

Magirock #81

Dragoon Castle: Dungeon, lower left area.

Magirock #82

Dragoon Castle: East wing, accross lower set of pits.

Magirock #83

Dragoon Castle: East wing, sewer area, on a side island.

Magirock #84

Mosque: In the back room of the upper right house.

Magirock #85

Nirlake (Third State): Next to the building in the upper right corner.

Magirock #86-91

Suncoast (Expanded): You get six with the Water Pin in exchange for fever medicine, room on the second floor of the inn.

Magirock #92

Suncoast (Expanded): House in the top center of town, on the second floor in the left room.

Magirock #93

Astarica: The only fork in the path, take the left fork.

Magirock #94

NeoTokyo Sewers: “Pond”, right of the exit.

Magirock #95

NeoTokyo Sewers: In the room with the robots, right path.

Magirock #96

Beruga’s Lab Tower: In the room before the second staircase.

Magirock #97

NeoTokyo (Japanese Version Only): Inside Quintet building, a prize for winning the Quiz Game.

Quintet Quiz Game

Below is the Quiz Game found inside the Quintet building in the Japanese version of Terranigma. We have included it in both its original Japanese format as well as an English translated version. Enjoy!

The following questions are correctly answered YES:

ソウルブレイダーではお金で買い物をすることはで� �ない
Can you buy goods for money in Soul Blazer?

Do the many beautiful women at Quintet have a good reputation?

ガイアげん想紀のキャラクターデザインは少女まん画 家だ
Is the character-design from IoG made by a Shojo-artist?

アクトレイザーでは神様の像をこわすと� �イテムが出現する
Does an item appear if you destroy the portrayal of the goddess in ActRaiser?

スラップスティックにはソウルブレイドという名前� �武器が存在する
Is there a weapon in Robotrek called Soul Blade?

ソウルブレイダーではヤシのみをなげてくるナテ ラというモンスターがいる
Does a monster called Natera appear if you throw away the coconut in Soul Blazer?

アクトレイザー2の プレイヤーはまほうを使える
Is the player in ActRaiser 2 able to use magic?

犬のターボが登場したのはソウルブレイダーから� ��
Does the dog called Turbo exist because of Soul Blazer?

Is Quintet haunted?

The following questions are correctly answered NO:

アクトレイザー2の出てくるヤギの頭をしたモンス� �ーとは4回戦わなければならない
Do you have to kill the 2-headed goat monster 4 times?

スラップスティックでセーブをしてくれるナギ� �さんは主人公の姉である
In ActRaiser 2, is the sister of the protagonist where the save point is?

Is ActRaiser an RPG?

Is there a heroine called Lisa in IoG?

アクトレイザーには薬草と言うアイテムがあるがこ� �はプレイヤーの体力回復である
Are you able to restore your health in ActRaiser by using herbs?

スラップスティックの主人公はトレジャー� �ンターだ
Is the protagonist in Robotrek a treasure-hunter?

Are all the Quintet-people single?

Is the weapon of the protagonist in IoG a bow?