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Located here is some detailed information for Freedom.

The city named after the basic idea on which the new world was founded. Freedom is the home of invention and has two possible expansions, beyond it’s initial state.

First Expansion:

  • Check up on Bell’s girlfriend in Nirlake. Upon returning to Bell in Freedom, tell him the truth and he will retreat into the pub to drink away his sorrow. Talk to Bell again, in the pub, and he’ll start working on his invention.
  • Assist Eddy in Freedom with his invention, by pushing against the machine.

Second Expansion:

  • Assist Bell with his invention.
  • Assist Eddy once again, by pushing against his latest machine.
  • Assist Will in Nirlake by traveling to Yonkou and investigating why metal prices are so high. Report back to Will and he will start building his airplane. Will moves to a new show outside of Nirlake in a suburb of Freedom.