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Lord Deathtoll

Here is some strategy to help you defeat Lord Deathtoll.

Death Toll, Second Form

HP: ??? – EXP: 0

[Video walkthough coming soon!]

[For both Deathtoll battles, be sure to equip the Soul Blade, Soul Armor, and Phoenix Magic or you will not be able to inflict damage. For information on the Red-Hot Items required to obtain the Phoenix Magic, refer here.]


If you are short on GEMs, be sure to equip the Magic Bell at the beginning of the battle, as Phoenix Magic is required. [For information on obtaining the Magic Bell, refer here.] Deathtoll has two basic attacks: Laser and Fireball. The Lasers will fire constantly from his staffs and will move diagonally down the screen, turning at 90° angles. As they approach, they will alternate between crossing each other and moving parallel to one another. The Fireballs rain down three at a time, but only when Deathtoll opens his mouth, which is also the only time you can damage him. To get him to open his mouth, destroy all the Blue Fire in the arena. These will also drop GEMs, which help if you don’t have the Magic Bell. Immediately after destroying the Blue Fire, start sending Phoenix Magic at Deathtoll’s head, dodging to the side when he shoots his Fireballs. Deathtoll has no visible life bar, so just keep attacking and dodging until he explodes!