Red-Hot Items

There are three red-hot items found in Soul Blazer. You will receive the Phoenix Magic for collecting all of them. This will be the power you need to defeat Deathtoll!

Red Hot Ball

The Red Hot Ball is located inside a treasure chest in The World of Evil. The only way to reach this is to travel there via the West teleport pad in the Master’s Chamber. This pad appears in the Master’s chamber after you see it in The World of Evil.

Red Hot Mirror

After getting the Spirit Sword, return to Greenwood and destroy all the Fire Spirits in the Light Shrine. One of the monster lairs will release a bird, who will appear to the left of the restaurant. Sneak up behind the bird and talk to him and he will give you the Red Hot Mirror.

Red Hot Stick

After getting the Zantetsu Sword, return to St. Elles and destroy all the Metal Gorillas at Durean Volcano. One of the monster lairs will release a mermaid in the large house at the southern end of St. Elles Sanctuary. The mermaid you release will give you the Red Hot Stick upon speaking with her.

The Phoenix Magic

After you collect all three Red-Hot Items, return to the Mountain of Souls and talk to the Gnome King. His servants will then bestow upon you the almighty Phoenix Magic which is the only power that can harm Deathtoll.