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Demon Bird

Here is some strategy to help you defeat Demon Bird.

Demon Bird

HP: 90 – EXP: 5000

[Video walkthough coming soon!]

[Before the battle starts, return to the Queen's House in Magridd Castle Town and search where the Queen was standing for the Super Bracelet, which combines the abilities of the Shield and Power Bracelets.]


The Demon Bird is the most annoying and, arguably, the most difficult boss in the game. Even worse, a constant gust of wind attempts to push you to the back of the ship. It has two basic attacks: Dive and Fire. When it dives, it dives at an angle, coming back up the opposite side. Its Fire attack travels all the way down the ship, and it will continue moving horizontally, shooting Fire vertically, until it reaches you. When it Dives is the best chance to attack, however, the best place to stand is debatable. I find the upper part of the ship to be the most efficient as it gives you more chances to attack, but standing at the bottom will also give you more time to dodge. Think of the strategy that works best with your style of play.