Along your journey, you will encounter souls that will help you complete your quest. Listed here are all the souls you will find and how they can assist you.

Soul of Magician

Location:  Joins you upon clearing The Trial Room.
Use: Grants you the ability to use magic, as well as the spell Flame Ball.

Soul of Light

Location:  Joins you after helping the blind mole Monmo in Greenwood.
Use: Creates a circle of light around you so you can see in dark rooms.

Soul of Protection

Location:  Joins you in St. Elles after freeing him as a fish.
Use: Protects you from the falling lava on Durean Island.

Soul of Detection

Location:  Joins you in Leo’s Laboratory after freeing him as a door.
Use: Enables you to see invisible enemies in the model towns.

Soul of Reality

Location:  Joins you in Magridd Castle after freeing him as a knight.
Use: Enables you to see hidden passageways and chests in Magridd Castle.