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Here is some strategy to help you defeat Poseidon.


HP: 70 – EXP: 400

[Video walkthough coming soon!]


This boss is a little trickier and relies more on instinct than strategy. When it rises from the water, it will start by releasing three small fireballs. These can be dodged easily, but you can also stand between them with the correct timing. After this, it will lunge forward and stab its trident twice. The second stab may switch sides if the first stab was not on the same side as you. Finally, before it goes back underwater, it will send forth two fireballs that will attack you from the right and left. The simplest way to dodge this is to run to the middle of the arena and go to the highest point. The safest way to attack Poseidon is to do so when it emerges from one of the sides, and not in the center. Attack with the tip of your blade, as always, and focus on waiting for openings. Most of Poseidon’s attacks don’t do much damage. Also, make sure you have the Shield Bracelet and a Medical Herb!